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Cop responds to welfare check, finds upset elderly woman — then goes above and beyond call of duty

Image source: TheBlaze

A Kansas police officer went well above and beyond the call of duty in responding to a welfare check for an elderly Hutchinson, Kansas, resident.

What did he do?

According to a now-viral Facebook post and The Witchita Eagle, Hutchinson Police Department's Officer Carey received a call to check on the welfare of an elderly female resident.

When he arrived at her home, she was found to be in fine physical condition, but "emotionally upset" that she'd hired a worker to mow her lawn and the worker reportedly did not return finish the job.

The unidentified woman reportedly feared that city code enforcement would be "concerned about the height of her grass," according to the Facebook post.

Carey was moved enough by the resident's concerns that he left her home, picked up a lawn mower, and returned to the woman's residence to finish the job.

The department's Facebook post, which was shared Monday, has received over 16,000 likes.

What did the post say?

The post read, "Today Ofc. Carey was dispatched to the west side of the city to check the welfare of an elderly female. Upon arrival Ofc. Carey determined that this resident was well, but was upset over the fact she hired someone to mow her yard and the job wasn’t completed."

"She was worried the City Code Enforcement would be concerned about the height of her grass and Ofc. Carey saw the resident was emotionally upset about her yard," the post added. "Ofc. Carey retrieved a lawn mower, returned to this residence and mowed the yard for this homeowner."

"This sweet lady was very thankful for what Ofc. Carey did for her and thanked him multiple times," the post noted. "Ofc. Carey went above and beyond his normal duties this morning and it isn’t every day you see an officer mowing a yard in full uniform. GREAT JOB OFC. CAREY!!!"

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