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Rob Reiner is making a bizarre demand from Trump - because of what Roseanne did

Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner said Tuesday that President Donald Trump was stoking "evil fires" that encouraged Roseanne Barr to post a racist tweet about a former Obama administration official. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Liberal filmmaker Rob Reiner demanded Tuesday on Twitter and on MSNBC that President Donald Trump come out and applaud ABC for cancelling Roseanne Barr's show after a racist tweet about a former Obama adviser.

Here's what Reiner said

Reiner on social media said that ABC did "the right thing," but said that Trump was "stoking" the evil fire that inspired Barr's tweet. He added that Trump would be continuing to "stoke evil" if he didn't applaud ABC.

"ABC has done the right thing. They’ve stood up against racism," he tweeted. "It is our country’s original sin. But this is 2018 and it has no place in the hearts of decent people."

"Unfortunately our president has stoked these evil fires," he added. "If he doesn’t applaud ABC, he will continue to stoke evil."

'He’s appealing to is a racist base'

Reiner didn't talk about stoking "evil" during his appearance on MSNBC that evening, but continued to demand that Trump celebrate ABC's decision to cancel Roseanne's show.

"Now the question is does the commander-in-chief," he told Chris Hayes on his show, "does the president of the United States come out and say that ABC, in no uncertain terms, ABC did the right thing. And that's what we're gonna have to see."

"No more 'there's good people on both sides,' no more uh, you know dog whistles, and 'here's my African-American over here,'" he added, referring to comments made by the president about the lethal attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, and a comment he made during a rally about a supporter.

"We'll have to see a president come out and say that and if he doesn't, then it's gonna tell us that who, who he's appealing to is a racist base," he concluded.

Here's the video of Reiner's comments about Roseanne Barr:

In the same segment on MSNBC, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) opined that he thought Barr was seeking approval from the president.

"She probably thought and believed that she would be applauded about what she said," Cleaver said, "she may have even wanted some applause to come to her from Washington, and I think in the absence of that she may have realized not that she was wrong, but that she got caught."

"And that she may have to pay for it and I think that's what her regret, for me as an African-American, and I look at her supposedly apologetic tweet, and it means nothing to me," he added.

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