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Bill Clinton goes on offensive during heated exchange on ‘Today’ over Monica Lewinsky case, #MeToo

Image source: TheBlaze

Former President Bill Clinton went on the offensive after an NBC host confronted him over whether he had apologized to Monica Lewinsky and also the #MeToo movement.

What are the details?

During a "Today" interview with NBC's Craig Melvin, Clinton said that he did "the right thing"  when it came to the Lewinsky scandal that hung like a dark cloud over his presidency.

Melvin asked Clinton about the #MeToo movement and what its implications on Clinton might be if the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal occurred in 2018.

During the interview, Clinton doubled down on previous remarks that he'd made to "CBS Sunday Morning's" Mo Rocca in response to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's (D-N.Y.'s) assertion that he should have resigned from the presidency.

Clinton also said that he would not have approached such allegations any differently today and would not have resigned because he didn't "think it would be an issue."

"People would be using the facts instead of the imagined facts," Clinton explained.

"If the facts were the same today, I wouldn’t [resign]," he continued, noting that "a lot of the facts have been conveniently omitted to make the story work."

He said that he feels that many of the facts of the Clinton-Lewinsky affair have traditionally been omitted partly because people "were frustrated that they got all these serious allegations against the current occupant of the Oval Office," pointing to President Donald Trump, who has faced myriad accusations of sexual misconduct.

"His voters don’t seem to care," Clinton explained. "I think I did the right thing."

How did Clinton fire back?

Clinton then flipped the script on Melvin, and asked if he believed that former Presidents John Kennedy or Lyndon Johnson should have resigned from office over similar allegations.

"Someone should ask you these questions, because of the way you formulate the question," Clinton fired back, noting that he did not leave the Oval Office without punishment, explaining that he'd left the presidency $16 million in debt over the affair.

"I dealt with it 20 years ago. And the American people, two-thirds of them, stayed with me," he maintained. "And I've tried to do a good job since then with my life and with my work. That's all I have to say to you."

Did Clinton apologize?

Melvin later went on to ask if Clinton had ever actually apologized to Lewinsky over the affair.

"I apologized to everybody in the world," Clinton answered.

Undeterred, Melvin asked Clinton several times if the former president had personally apologized to Lewinsky.

Clinton said multiple times that he'd apologized publicly, but had "never talked to [Lewinsky]."

"I did say, publicly, on more than one occasion, that I was sorry," Clinton responded. "That's very different. The apology was public."

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