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Iraq War vet intervenes in cop attack, puts attacker in chokehold: ‘He’s going for my gun!’

Image source: TheBlaze

Darren Phillips, an Iraq War veteran who now serves as a truck driver, thwarted an attack on a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper and quite possibly saved the officer's life on Thursday.

What are the details here?

Phillips was driving down a Wyoming highway on Thursday morning when he said that he saw a suspect and a trooper involved in an altercation on the side of the road.

Phillips said that he immediately pulled his rig over, and noted that by the time he climbed out of the truck, the suspect was on top of the trooper.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol revealed that the suspect, Dustin Roberts, had been pulled over for a speeding violation, but the stop turned violent when Roberts attempted to flee after the officer "became suspicious of additional criminal activity."

Officials would later find that Roberts' vehicle contained about 74 pounds of marijuana and about 1 gram of cocaine.

"As I get closer, the trooper sees me coming and says, 'He's going for my gun,'" Phillips told "Fox & Friends" on Monday.

According to KSL-TV, Phillips said that the officer and Roberts both had hands on the officer's firearm.

What did the vet do?

Phillips, who received training from the Marine Corps and the Utah Army National Guard, jumped into action and took control of the precarious situation.

"I put my arm around [the suspect's] neck and grabbed it with my other hand, and I just stood up," Phillips explained, as he revealed that he was able to detain Roberts until another trooper arrived on the scene.

Roberts was eventually handcuffed, KSL reported.

Phillips said that Roberts even expressed admiration at the way he was able to subdue him.

"I did two tours in Iraq, and I never had to put a chokehold on anyone," Phillips said, according to KSL. "That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever done. After he was handcuffed and they were putting him in the patrol car, as he walks by, he’s like 'Nice chokehold.'"

What did the Facebook post say?

According to a Wyoming Highway Patrol Facebook post, the incident occurred on Interstate 80, east of Green River, Wyoming.

The post read:

On May 31st, 2018 a Wyoming Highway Patrol trooper stopped a vehicle at milepost 92 on Interstate 80, just east of Green River for a speeding violation at approximately 07:45 a.m. While conducting the traffic stop, the trooper became suspicious of additional criminal activity. The driver was detained and in the process attempted to initially flee on foot away from the traffic stop. The suspect ran out into traffic in an attempt to evade the trooper. Once the trooper caught up with the suspect a physical altercation ensued, where the suspect attempted to disarm the trooper of his handgun. While this altercation was occurring a member of the public stopped along the interstate to assist the trooper. Another trooper arrived shortly thereafter. With the help of the citizen, and the other trooper, the suspect was taken into custody. Minor injuries were reported on both the trooper and the suspect. The citizen was uninjured. The suspect received medical clearance and was transported to the Sweetwater County Detention Center for further processing.

It was later discovered that vehicle contained approximately 74 lbs. of marijuana and approximately 1 gram of cocaine. The Division of Criminal Investigation has been requested to assist with the investigation.

The suspect has been identified 36-year-old McKinleyville, California resident, Dustin Roberts.

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