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Texas grandmother fights back after teens force their way into her home, hold husband at gunpoint

Christina Nichols, a Texas grandmother, fought back after three teenagers reportedly forced their way into her home. The grandmother sustained scrapes and bruises but nothing was stolen from her home. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

A DeSoto, Texas, grandmother fought off three teenagers who forced their way into her home and held her husband at gunpoint, KTVT-TV reported.

How did they get in?

Christina Nichols answered a knock at her front door Tuesday when the teens took her off guard.

“That’s why I opened the door because all I saw was a young boy standing there,” Nichols told KTVT. “Who expects something like this from a young kid? I didn’t even see the other two. They must have been hiding somewhere out of sight.”

Still images from a home surveillance camera shows the three teens forcing their way into her home.

Two of them held Nichols back while a third aimed a gun at her husband. Nichols, who has been married for more than 50 years, told the TV station she was not prepared to live without her husband. That's when her fighting instincts took over.

"And the other kid grabbed me from behind like on my chin and the other hand went over my mouth,” she said.

Nichols, who is in her 70s, stomped on the boy who was holding her and bent his thumbs back.

“He dragged me out into this hallway and then he gave me a big shove and I went down,” she told the TV station.

Nichols yelled out to her grandson, who was in another room. But the teens ran out of the home before he could get to them, according to the report. Police believe one of the the intruders may be as young as age 14.

Nichols sustained scrapes and bruises and nothing was stolen from her home.

About 10 minutes before the attack, the teens approached Nichols’ husband outside the home and asked him for a ride. He said no, they left, and then they returned, according to the report.

Have they been arrested?

No arrests have been made. DeSoto police are asking anyone with information to come forward, the report said.

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