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Reporter invokes religion in vile tweets mocking Anthony Bourdain’s suicide: ‘Special place in hell\

A reporter mocks Anthony Bourdain, just hours after it was revealed he killed himself. (Craig Barritt/Getty Images for The New Yorker)

A freelance reporter who writes for the mainstream media mocked Anthony Bourdain with a series of vile tweets on Friday, the same day Bourdain was found dead from an apparent suicide.

What did he say?

David Leavitt, a reporter whose Twitter bio says he has written for CBS, Yahoo, Examiner and AXS, wrote:

He added in a follow up: "Selfishly taking your own life and hurting your friends and family makes you the steaming, gaping a**hole Anthony Bourdain."

"You don’t go to heaven when you kill yourself. It’s incredibly selfish. Don’t do it," Leavitt said in a third tweet, this time posting the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

In culture at-large, there remains a segment that looks down upon very depressed humans who believe the only way to escape their pain and depression is to take their life. Many of these same people also invoke religion to further condemn people who commit suicide, arguing damnation is their fate.

But, if the reaction to Leavitt’s tweet is any indication, he is among a very small minority.

What was the reaction?

It really did not go well for Leavitt.

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