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Would-be carjacker chooses the wrong cars to jack — twice — and faces handguns both times
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Would-be carjacker chooses the wrong cars to jack — twice — and faces handguns both times

A would-be carjacker reportedly tried to steal two vehicles on Friday — but in a stroke of terrible luck (for him), both of his chosen victims were armed.

What happened?

The would-be Florida carjacker wasn't reportedly just an auto thief — he also allegedly held up a Walmart liquor store moments before trying to jack the vehicle of his first victim: a retired Army veteran.

According to WJAX-TV, Christopher Raymond Hill, 36, entered a Walmart liquor store in Jacksonville and asked a cashier inside to make change for a $20 bill.

The cashier, identified by WJAX as LaToya King, told Hill that he would need to make a purchase. Hill obliged, and purchased a pack of cigarettes.

During the transaction, out of nowhere, Hill "leaped over the counter" and grabbed King's hand.

"He leaped over the counter and he grabbed my hand, and I was like, 'Sir, what are you doing?'" King recalled to WJAX.

According to WTLV-TV, Hill grabbed the cash register drawer and reportedly attempted to snatch the money inside.

King was able to thwart his attempt by slamming the drawer closed, but Hill reportedly took it a step further and grabbed the entire register off the counter and took off into the parking lot.

In what appeared to be a dose of instant karma, Hill's personal vehicle wouldn't start.

Undeterred, Hill approached Scott Reardean — the retired Army veteran — who was parked in another area of the lot.

According to WTLV, Rearden refused to give Hill a ride, and when he did, the suspect went off — and pulled out a knife.

"I turned the ignition off, grabbed my keys, opened the door and boom, there he was," Reardean told WJAX. "I was … trying to get the knife off me, and he's like, trying to pull me and he yanked my shirt and ripped it all up."

Despite suffering cuts to his hands and a leg, Reardean was able to grab his personal handgun from his truck.

“I reached in between my glove box and my console, between my seats, reached down and got my weapon and brandished it for him,” Reardean told WJXT-TV. “He was like, ‘Don’t shoot me.’ I was like, 'Then get out of here.'”

"Once he saw that," Reardean said, "I mean, you don't bring a knife to a gun fight."

Hill took off, and moved on to his next target — a woman in line at a nearby Starbucks' drive-thru, according to WJAX.

Upon seeing Hill at her passenger side door, the woman rolled down her window to see what the surprise pedestrian wanted.

It was that moment Hill reportedly entered her vehicle and told her to drive.

The woman attempted to push Hill out of her car, but was unable to get him out. So she got out of the car and opened her trunk, where she had her own handgun.

She pointed her gun at Hill, and that's when he took off again.

What happened next?

Hill reportedly entered another store in the shopping plaza and shut himself away inside a public restroom until police arrived on the scene, WJXT reported.

Police took Hill into custody and charged him with strong-arm robbery, aggravated battery, and attempted carjacking.

Reardean later told WTLV, "[Hill] wasn't going to get my truck. I don't care if you're Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, you're not getting my truck."

To WJXT, he noted, "These guys can talk about banning assault rifles and banning guns, but when it comes and happens to them, they’re going to wish they had one."

"I’m glad I had [my gun] on me," Reardean added.

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