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Fashion designer pushes transgender style with vinyl pants and corsets for men, calls it 'liberating

British designer John Galliano unveiled a fashion collection that he claims will “liberate” men by placing them in corsets and other distinctly feminine clothing. \n(Elisanth/Getty Images)\n

British designer John Galliano unveiled Friday a series of men’s fashions that feature corsets, flowing see-through fabrics, wide pink belts, jumpsuits and shiny vinyl trousers in white, pink, and turquoise.

He claims the transgender looks will "liberate" men.

The “new collection for Maison Margiela at Paris men's fashion week not only blurred the lines between genders, but blew them away with shiny pink ribbon belts and a haute couture decadence that rarely treads the male catwalk," Yahoo News wrote.

Is this a growing trend?

The trend is part of “genderless fashion boutiques” popping up in London and other cities, according to the report.

In a podcast, Galliano said he wants “to release men from the straitjackets of suits and streetwear."

"I have been questioning myself, and I've been trying to redefine what it means to be masculine today," he said.

Galliano also said the fashions signal that men can learn from women what it means to dress “classy and comfortable.”

"It's mercurial, like liquid to wear," Galliano said in the report. "It's as easy as wearing no clothes. It's that liberating."

The designer was the star of Dior and Givenchy before a drunken anti-Semitic outburst in 2011 set him back, the report states.

Galliano, 57, has served as the lead designer for the "influential Belgian maverick" Martin Margiela since 2014, according to the report.

What else is this about?

On the podcast, Galliano said he is surrounded by young people in his studio and "for them gay marriage is a historical event, the abolition of the ban on abortion in Ireland is history. It's a completely different mindset.”

Maison Margiela wrote on Facebook: “The show signifies an unrestricted foray onto the territory of Haute Couture for men in a conversation with a new masculinity in motion.”

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