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Tom Arnold makes wild claims about Michael Cohen in bizarre CNN interview. Now Cohen has responded.

Tom Arnold gives CNN's Poppy Harlow 14 minutes of bizarre interview time after allegedly meeting with Michael Cohen. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Actor Tom Arnold went on CNN and MSNBC on Friday to discuss his recent "meetings" with Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, after he said publicly the two planned to "[take] Trump down together."

However, Arnold's most mind-boggling interview came Friday evening on CNN, where he told CNN's Poppy Harlow he planned to spend the upcoming weekend together with Cohen and that they had discussed legal matters involving Trump.

What happened on CNN?

During the bizarre 14-minute interview, which consisted of Arnold continually ignoring questions, becoming combative or spinning Harlow's questions into hypotheticals, the actor berated Trump and defended Cohen.

Arnold, who has an upcoming show on Vice about Trump-related tapes, claimed he has in his possession numerous unreleased tapes proving how "disgusting" Trump is.

Toward the end of the interview, Arnold claimed he would be joining Cohen at his hotel following the CNN interview.

"I'm gonna spend the weekend with Michael Cohen. And the president — Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump — I'm spending the weekend hanging out with Michael Cohen — and there's a lot going on. So you've disrespected him and his family and there's a lot going on," Arnold claimed.

The interview went completely off the rails when Harlow asked whether or not Cohen has told Arnold he plans to cooperate with authorities.

"This is too important to me to eff around and you know the word I’m talking about. And we’re having fun with these Trump tapes, but this is serious to me and I’m not eff-ing around," Arnold said.

When Harlow asked the question again, Arnold sat in silence. Finally, after more than a dozen seconds of dead air, Harlow asked if Arnold planned to share what he learns from his weekend meetings with Cohen, to which he sharply replied, "no."

How did Cohen respond?

After Arnold's CNN interview, Cohen wrote on Twitter that he is "done" and called Arnold's version of events "ridiculous."

Instead, Cohen said his encounter with Arnold in a hotel lobby was "chance," and said he neither discussed legal matters involving Trump nor did he plan to spend the weekend with Arnold.

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