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Watch: Chicago carjackers get a surprise from an off-duty officer

An off-duty Chicago cop taught a lesson to two would-be carjackers recently as they tried to take the officer's car. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Just like all crime in Chicago these days, carjackings are up. Not only have they risen to alarming rates, over 90 percent of such crimes went without arrests last year.

There's no easy answer for what might be a deterrent, but one off-duty Chicago cop taught a lesson to two would-be carjackers in April.

What happened?

An unnamed off-duty police officer was waiting in his BMW before his appointment at a barber shop around 8:45 on the morning of April 20.

Barbershop owner Corey Felton said, "I heard gunshots, and I just happened to look out, and my next client was outside. He was a police officer, and he was returning gunfire with a suspect."

Surveillance video shows the first suspect opening the door to the officer's car. The perpetrator jumped into the passenger side of the vehicle, while the police officer inside immediately leaped out on the driver's side as the second perpetrator hopped into the driver's seat.

The officer fired at the hooded thief in the driver's seat, as the criminal in the passenger seat exited the vehicle and started shooting back at the cop.

Given the crime stat shown above, it's unsurprising that the police are still searching for the suspects.

How about that video?

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