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Trump says new Air Force One will be decked out in patriotic colors: red, white, and blue

President Donald Trump plans to paint the new Air Force One using patriotic colors. (Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump unveiled his plans for major changes — inside and out — to Air Force One during his recent trip to Scotland, CBS News reported.

The newly designed Air Force One will be decked out with more patriotic colors, the president explained to CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor.

"Red, white, and blue," Trump said. "Air Force One is going to be incredible. It's gonna be the top of the line, the top in the world. And it's gonna be red, white and blue, which I think is appropriate."

The current Air Force One model has been used for the past three decades.

What's the story?

Trump struck a $3.9 billion fixed-price deal with Boeing following years of failed negotiations between the world's largest aerospace company and the U.S. Air Force, the White House announced in February.

"I was able to save $1.5 billion and order a new one for the country," Trump told CBS.

"Boeing gave us a good deal. And we were able to take that," Trump continued. "But I said, 'I wonder if we should use the same baby blue colors?' And we're not."

The plane's current color scheme was designed by Raymond Loewy during John F. Kennedy's administration.

Technically, Air Force One is used to describe any Air Force aircraft carrying the president, but since the middle of the 20th century, it has become standard practice to use the term to refer to one of two highly customized Boeing 747-200B series planes.

The interior design will also be updated and the president hopes to upgrade the full-size bed to a larger one, CBS reported.

When will Air Force One be ready?

Trump said the project has just gotten started, but he hopes to have the planes ready by 2021, three years sooner than the original plan of 2024.

"I hate to say this, it's gonna be a long time," Trump said. "It's a very complex project. But by the time it gets built, you're gonna have many presidents, hopefully, use it and enjoy it."

Air Force One will be largely for future presidents to use and enjoy, he said.

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