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Art gallery faces backlash, threats after depicting Trump’s beheading for ‘F*** Trump’ exhibit

An Oregon art gallery was forced to remove a graphic image featuring violence against President Donald Trump. (Image source: KPTV-TV video screenshot)

An Oregon art gallery faced such massive backlash over a display depicting an ISIS-like decapitation of President Donald Trump that the owners had to scrub the image from the front window altogether.

The image was part of a larger exhibit being hosted by the gallery titled "F*** You Mr. President," and featured dozens of other artists with anti-Trump sentiments saturating their works.

What are the details of the 'art'?

One Grand Art Gallery in Portland featured the gruesome art in its front window, depicting a work showing a grisly decapitation attempt on Trump.

The image shows a large knife being held to the president's neck while blood drips from his nose and his eyes roll blankly.

The graphic is captioned "F*** Trump" and allegedly garnered huge backlash, including threats of violence against the gallery's founder and his family.

According to a post on Instagram, the "F*** You Mr. President" exhibit opened on Friday evening and was described by the gallery's Instagram page as a "[g]roup show featuring dozens of artists from around the country."

What did the gallery say?

The gallery's founder told KPTV-TV that he was scrubbing the offending window display because of the threats against him and his family.

The founder — who requested to remain unnamed — told KPTV's Tyler Dumont that "people that are responding ... with such anger and violence."

"People want the gallery to go up in flames with my family," the founder said.

According to KPTV, an installation featuring the same artwork still remains inside the gallery, along with other decidedly anti-Trump works included in the anti-Trump exhibit.

The art gallery and its founder isn't the only one receiving threats. According to KPTV, Dane Johnson of Total Performance Converters — an unaffiliated business run directly above the art gallery — said that he, too, has been receiving threats.

"It's been a crazy, crazy morning," Johnson told KPTV. "I've had threats to have rocks thrown through the window. I've had threats that we're never going to do business with you again. And I've also had threats on my life - you know, we're going to come and kill you."

You can see the graphic (in both imagery and profanity), uncensored version of the "art" here.

Anything else?

According to the KPTV report, a spokesperson for the U.S. Secret Service said that the department is aware of the window art, but does not comment about potential investigations.

The report also noted that a spokesperson for the Portland Police Bureau said the department had not yet received any complaints as of mid-morning Tuesday.

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