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Player calls police during pickup basketball game — because he 'got fouled hard,' witness says

A player called police Monday during pickup basketball game at a Virginia L.A. Fitness — because he "got fouled hard," a witness said. (Image source: WTTG-TV video screenshot)

Fights amid pickup basketball games are not unheard of. And depending on the severity of the scrums, police at least some of the time probably stop by for a little chat.

But cops getting called after a player is fouled? That might be a pickup basketball game first.

It certainly was for the sheriff's deputy who responded to the L.A. Fitness at the Dulles Town Center in Sterling, Virginia, on Monday night, WTTG-TV reported.

“This is my first basketball foul,” the deputy said on a cellphone video after being asked if he’s ever responded to a basketball foul, the station reported.

Image source: WTTG-TV video screenshot

The deputy added that he thought he was responding to a fight, WTTG said.

What allegedly happened?

"Today for the first time in my life ... I experienced someone call the police because they got fouled hard in basketball,” read a tweet accompanied by a photo of deputies talking with the two players, the station said.

The man who shared the photo declined to give his name but told WTTG the player who called authorities ran into another player who was blocking him — i.e., setting a pick — and the blocked player fell to the court.

The witness said the player who fell down was upset and told the other players he was calling police, the station reported.

"I thought he was joking," the witness told WTTG. "I thought he was being extra."

Image source: WTTG-TV video screenshot

But when the player who fell to the court made his way to the front desk, the station said the other pickup game participants realized he wasn't joking.

WTTG obtained the call to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office made by an L.A. Fitness employee at the front desk who told the dispatcher the player was "assaulted" on the basketball court.

In the photo the unnamed witness posted, the player who set the pick is seen wearing tattoo sleeves and speaking to deputies off the court, the station said.

The gym told WTTG surveillance video isn't available for its basketball courts.

Some other oddities

Oh, and the player who was blocked and fell to the court? He was characterized as a regular at the gym who's played basketball there on multiple occasions, WTTG said.

What's more? Neither individual wanted to file a police report, the station said, adding that the two men actually picked up right where they left off after the dust had settled.

“Everyone kept playing," the witness told WTTG. "That’s what’s so bizarre about the whole situation. Like, why did it have to be that serious?”

Racial reasons?

The witness told the station he does not believe some bigger issue was behind the incident.

“You could tell it was strictly basketball," he told WTTG. "There were no racial undertones or anything like that."

He added that “no punches were thrown. Nothing. It wasn’t malicious. No hits to the face or anything like that.”

WTTG emailed the man who was blocked and fell to the court for comment, but the station said it hadn't heard back as of Tuesday night.

(H/T: The Root)

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