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Jeopardy star Ken Jennings mocks 'awful MAGA grandma' as she grieves death of her disabled son
Former "Jeopardy" contestant Ken Jennings is under fire for mocking a woman, who is grieving the death of her disabled son, on Twitter. (Photo by Jeopardy Productions via Getty Images)

Jeopardy star Ken Jennings mocks 'awful MAGA grandma' as she grieves death of her disabled son

Ken Jennings of "Jeopardy" fame mocked a woman on Twitter who shared a tweet mourning her late, disabled son.

What are the details?

On Sunday, Jennings shared a screenshot of a Twitter user's post, which read, "ALF was my son's favorite character. He had so many ALF puppets. When he died we buried them together and had an ALF engraved on his [headstone]. Then my daughter got an ALF [tattoo] in honor of her brother. No matter what, ALF is special to our family. #ALF."

Jennings captioned the screenshot with a remark of his own, writing, "This awful MAGA grandma is my favorite person on Twitter."

The woman, who, on Twitter, goes by the name momkapp, responded, "For those of u on this thread who decided it's a good idea to disparage me bc of my politics + not #ALF, this was not a political tweet. I would never have sought any one of you out. Kindly leave me in peace. I will mourn the loss of my son until I draw my last breath. #ALF2018."

Despite intense backlash, Jennings has yet to issue a statement or follow-up tweet about targeting and mocking the Trump-supporting woman, and, at the time of this writing, Jennings' tweet remains active on his page.

Who is this woman on Twitter?

According to KTTH-AM's Jason Rantz, the woman — identified by only her first name, Diane — penned her initial tweet in response to recent news that "ALF" might see a television reboot.

Diane told KTTH that her son, who lived in a group home, died when he was 24 years old after falling down a flight of stairs and suffering intracranial bleeding. She said that her son suffered from "severe epilepsy" throughout his life, noting that he "seized a lot and life was tough for him."

Diane said that her son would watch "ALF" and "laugh with a belly laugh that would make the whole family start laughing."

“We watched the show with my son [because] he enjoyed it,” Diane added. “We bought him so many puppets, and I still have the talking doll. It’s broken but I have it. And my mother got him the ALF doll which we buried him with.”

Diane said that Jennings' tweet made her feel violated, plain and simple.

“I don’t understand why he would choose me as a [t]arget. I don’t even know the man," she said. "But he doesn’t know anything about me other than the fact that [ALF] was a favorite character in my home for very sentimental reasons.”

Diane added that there are "hateful people in this world" and noted that "social media gives them an opportunity to vent their hate."

“A lot of people become very brave behind a keyboard," she said. "I’m willing to bet that if I was face-to-face with that man, he wouldn’t have the nerve to make a disparaging remark like that.”

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