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MSNBC panel bursts out in laughter at Andrew Cuomo, reminds him of America's greatness
The panel on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" laughed and mocked New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for his comments denying America's greatness. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

MSNBC panel bursts out in laughter at Andrew Cuomo, reminds him of America's greatness

The panel of pundits at MSNBC's "Morning Joe" show burst out in laughter over the foolish statement by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo denying that America was ever great, and at the spin his office attempted to clean up his gaffe.

"I thought D-Day was a good one"

The panel on the progressive cable news channel opined that Cuomo was likely responding to pressure from his left to appear more progressive, but that he failed at the effort. Willie Geist aired a video of the governor's comments.

"We're not gonna make America great again," Cuomo said on the recording, "it was never that great."

"We have not reached greatness," he continued. "We will reach greatness when every American is fully engaged."

The panel responded to an odd tweet from Cuomo's account that tried, and failed, to fire back at the president's criticism of his comments.

"OK, that is the tweet of a man who's skin has been gotten under, I'm sorry, Governor Cuomo, that was just not a well-formulated tweet," said John Heilemann.

"Never a good day when you have to come out and explicitly clarify that you believe America is great," added Geist to laughter from the panel.

"The governor believes that America is not an s-hole country, Willie," joked Heilemann.

"As you listen to that," Geist added, "that's a, I guess you could say that you know what he was trying to say, that we have a long way to go to reach the ideals of the Constitution, a much more, a better way to say that."

"But boy, if you wanted to pull that in an ad," he continued, "and if you wanted to create an enemy for President Trump to stand as a sort of an avatar for the left, there you have it."

"Right, and it was certainly a clumsy remark, at best, and it also gave his opponent, he's facing a democratic primary here in New York, Cynthia Nixon, the actress who has certainly as he has moved left on a number of issues because of her candidacy.... but she, her response to it was something like this was along the lines of this is Governor Cuomo trying to sound like a progressive and failing badly."

Reporter Kasie Hunt said that Cuomo was likely "under so much pressure from his left side" that he accidentally made the gaffe.

"Also, that poorly formulated tweet that you note kinda glosses over all of the things that happened in the 20th century, such as, you know, liberating Europe from the Nazis, et cetera, the Statue of Liberty, all of the immigrants that have come to our shores," she said.

"Would you say, that was a good one?" Heilemann joked.

"I thought D-Day was a good one," joked Willie Geist.

Here's the video of the reaction from MSNBC:

Cuomo was roundly criticized for the comment that many thought was far too extreme and critical of the United States of America.

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