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Woman takes advantage of guys on Tinder, pulling off epic, public stunt involving hundreds of men

A Tinder scam goes viral — and very, very public. (Image source: WCBS-TV video screenshot)

A New York woman lured hundreds of Tinder's men to New York City's Union Square in order to make them compete for her affections, "Bachelorette" style.

What are the details?

On Saturday, Twitter user @bvdhai shared a story that even the most hardcore of Tinder users would have trouble believing — but it apparently actually happened.

The user — whom The Gothamist identified as Spencer — wrote, "I am about to tell you an epic tale about subterfuge, dating in the 21st century and the fall of human civilization. This actually happened to me and it could happen to you too. Get some popcorn."

"So a few weeks ago I was on the Tinder machine shopping my soul around and I match with a very attractive young lady. No bio. Fairly innocuous," Spencer continued. "I message her some random s**t and we chat for an hour or so and she says 'here's my number text me,' I'm like okay sure thing."

Spencer went on to detail his discussion with the woman — whom the outlet identified as a woman named Natasha Aponte — whom he texted with and then did not hear from for more than two weeks.

Then out of the blue Spencer said he received a message from Aponte.

"[Y]esterday I get a text 'HEY [I'M] FINALLY FREE LMAO ... my friend is DJing near Union [S]quare around 6 tomorrow I was wondering if you wanted to go for a bit then we could go get drinks after and see what happens,'" Spencer wrote. "I'm like well I'll be damned. Genuinely didn't think she would message me. I reply 'yeah I should be free, I'd be down' she says 'amazing I'm gonna be running around today and tomorrow but just come around 6 and I'll meet you by the stage then we'll head out.'"

True to his word, Spencer went to the stage near Union Square — and found out that Aponte had lured hundreds of other men to their own respective "dates."

"Eventually I see a girl moving towards backstage with two enormous bodyguards in sunglasses and [realize] it's her and I'm thinking WHAT THINE F***ETH IS GOING ON[?]"

"I stay back and assess the situation and I'm like f*** I'mma stay right where I am til she texts me. The DJ eventually stops playing and she gets on the stage and I'm so f***ing confused but think well I guess she's a social media personality or some s**t," Spencer wrote.

He added, "I immediately think I'm too f***ing old for this s**t."

Spencer described the moment she revealed her real plan after getting on stage.

"Then she says I've invited you all here for a chance to go on a date with me and proceeds to give a [Hunger Games] speech about what [it's] gonna take to date her," he wrote.


Spencer said that there were many men who actually engaged in the games — some of which included sprinting races.

"At that point I am genuinely amazed at the fallopian fortitude this girl possesses. This is top 10 greatest finesse of all time. Dudes actually stayed and played," he wrote, and revealed that he simply left and went home.


You can read the full thread here.

According to the New York Post, Aponte dismissed several rounds of men before subjecting the remaining men to tests such as those mentioned above.

"Half of you people here are in relationships, so those people should leave now," Aponte said. "Statistically, people who are on dating apps, half of them are in relationships. So those people should leave."

She also reportedly went political.

“The first elimination is if you think you can support Trump and date a Puerto Rican, now’s the time to leave. If anyone’s a tourist or doesn’t live in this country, you should leave, too. Also anyone named Jimmy. I don’t enjoy the name Jimmy,” she added, according to the Post.

Others dismissed included men with Toms shoes, long beards, khakis, or beer bellies.

So ... why?

According to a the Post, the stunt was reportedly produced for a "viral marketing agency."

Rob Bliss of Rob Bliss Creative told the Post, "We will be releasing a video Thursday that explains the entire project and story."

Bliss' company is behind the 2014 viral video that featured a woman walking around New York City, being subjected to catcalling for 10 hours.

Bliss told the outlet that “no product or service of any kind” was involved in the event, and that Aponte is a real woman who is “passionate about this issue and has been harassed.”

A representative for Aponte told WCBS-TV that Aponte did end up choosing one of the men for a date.

The rep added that Aponte participated in the "game" in order to more accurately depict the harassment that women face daily.

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