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Woman co-anchors nightly news in Saudi Arabia for first time ever

Weam Al Dakheel made history when she delivered the news Thursday alongside her male counterpart on the state-run television station. (Image source: Video screenshot)

For the first time ever, a woman has co-anchored the nightly news in Saudi Arabia.

Weam Al Dakheel made history when she delivered the news alongside her male counterpart on the state-run television station Thursday night, the Washington Post reported.

“Jumanah AlShami was the first woman to present morning newscasts in 2016. Today history repeats itself as Weam Al Dakheel becomes the presenter of the main nightly newscast, setting a precedent in a historic first for Saudi TV 1,” the station wrote on its Twitter account.

Al Dakheel joined the station earlier this year. She previously worked for CNBC Arabia and a Bahrain-based news channel where she anchored the news, according to the Post.

The move is part of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's Vision 2030 strategy to reform the nation's economy.

The plan was launched last year with hopes of increasing the number of women in the workplace from about 22 percent to 30 percent, among other things.

Al Saudiya, the country’s state-run station, has been asked to focus on the crown prince's efforts to modernize the nation.

What else?

The country's airline said it will soon be recruiting women to work as flight attendants.

This summer, women were also allowed to get driver's licenses for the first time, according to Arab News. They may also attend soccer games.

While the crown prince has allowed more rights to women, they must still receive permission from a male guardian in order to work, marry, travel, or receive medical treatment.

He has also targeted his dissenters, including members of his own family. Women's and human rights activists have been arrested and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in several cases.

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