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Rapper calls for whites to be hanged, white babies to be killed in video yanked from YouTube

Image source: YouTube screenshot

French rapper Nick Conrad is under fire for a controversial music video in which he called for the hanging of white people and the death of white babies.

The video, which was shared on YouTube, was promptly pulled from the video streaming site after outcry for violating its policies on hate speech.

What's in the video?

Conrad's video was titled, "Pendez les Blancs," which translates to "Hang the Whites," was uploaded on Sept. 17 and was reportedly filmed in a Paris suburb.

YouTube removed the content on Wednesday.

In the lyrics, Conrad raps, "I go to nurseries and kill white babies/ catch them quickly and hang their parents/ tear them up to entertain black kids of all ages big and small/ whip them hard/ frankly, it stinks of death as blood is gushing."

In the video, Conrad pretends to torture, shoot, and hang a white man, and contains references speeches by Malcolm X.

Conrad shared the video on his Twitter page on Tuesday, which he called a "short film."

At the time of this writing, Conrad's Facebook page appears to have been deactivated.

What has happened in response to the video?

According to the BBC, the Paris prosecutors' office has reportedly opened an inquiry into the video.

France's Interior Minister Gerard Collomb shared his objection to the video and the song on Twitter on Wednesday.

Collomb wrote, "I condemn unreservedly these abject remarks and ignominious attacks. My services work for the immediate withdrawal of the content broadcast. It will be up to the judicial authority to give appropriate follow-up to these hateful appeals to hatred."

In response to the outcry, the rapper spoke to Le Parisienne, where he said that the video is "fiction," and that he simply wanted to "reverse the roles of the white man and the black man."

"This was primarily intended to trace the history of the black people," he said. "This piece is a mirror, a response to the injustices experienced by my community since slavery. I was inspired by my personal experience and what I observe in my daily life as an artist."

"I have the impression that the black man must always make more efforts to integrate and get into the mold that society wants to impose on him: at school, in the street, during a job interview," he explained. "In my clip, which is only fiction, I wanted to reverse the roles of the white man and the black man. And propose a different perception of slavery."

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