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New York Times to hold allegedly 'nonpartisan' voting awareness event -- with Bernie Sanders

The New York Times is hosting a voter registration event featuring democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

The New York Times, a publication that often faces accusations of liberal bias, is hosting a voting awareness event for college students that features Sen. Bernie Sanders, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Sanders, though technically an independent lawmaker, is one of the most liberal politicians in the nation, raising questions about how "nonpartisan" such an event might be.

"With the midterm elections just months away, Senator Sanders will take the stage to discuss what's at stake for students in particular, and to amplify the critical importance of voting — regardless of which candidate you support," the event's description read.

Who else is involved?

The event is a part of The New York Times' "Get With the Times" live event series. The upcoming event with Bernie Sanders will take place at the University of Maryland, and is called "Turn Up the Turnout."

During the event, Sanders will be interviewed by New York Times political correspondent Alexander Burns.

Rock the Vote is collaborating with the Times for the event. Rock the Vote, though it claims nonpartisanship, also has a history that calls such a label into question.

In 2016, after President Donald Trump was elected, Rock the Vote presidentCarolyn DeWitt took a noticeably antagonistic tone toward the result of the election:

“This is a jarring day for Millennial voters, who voted overwhelmingly for Secretary Clinton and for progressive candidates down the ticket. Too many of us navigated archaic and confusing election laws, direct and indirect voter suppression, significantly under-resourced election systems and our own frustration with the state of the race — and politics overall."

Does the Times admit to partisanship?

The Free Beacon reached out to the Times to ask about its involvement with Rock the Vote, and about whether any of these events will ever be headlined by a conservative. Past "Get With the Times" events have featured Trevor Noah from "The Daily Show," Chelsea Handler, and Leslie Odom, one of the stars of the hit Broadway musical "Hamilton."

In response, the Times fell back on the fact that Rock the Vote bills itself as nonpartisan, and said it was "in conversations with others from differing political viewpoints."


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