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Woman intervenes in Walmart fracas after white woman yells at 2 Hispanic women for speaking Spanish

A white woman at Walmart intervened when she discovered that another white woman was harassing two Spanish-speaking women for not speaking English in the U.S. (Image source: Facebook video screenshot)

A video featuring a female good Samaritan intervening in a Walmart altercation has gone viral.

What's the video all about?

Facebook user Faby Velsa shared the video on Monday. At the time of this writing, Velsa's video has received more than 11,000 reactions and has been viewed more than 670,000 times.

Velsa captioned the video in Spanish. Facebook translated the caption to the following:

I never thought this would happen to me. We were a friend and I talking in the shop in Spanish and suddenly comes a lady to insult us that if we lived in this country we didn't have to speak Spanish that we would have to speak. Thanks to the other girl (we don't know) she defended us and called the police, and I think they took arrested the lady who was assaulting us. I always saw the videos on the networks and gave me courage and today, which was my case I can say I felt a great impotence.

In the video, an unidentified white woman can be seen shouting at an older white woman.

The younger woman can be heard saying, "You don't harass people! ... Get out of here! Now!" and later threatens to call the police.

"You leave these women alone. Get out. Go!" she adds.

The older woman tries to get her point across, repeating, "You will lose it. You will lose it. You will lose this country."

The younger woman is undeterred, and follows the older woman down the aisle, forcing her to leave the two Hispanic women.

As she follows the older woman down the aisle, she can be heard shouting, "This woman needs to be escorted out of here. You do not harass Hispanic ladies!"

It is unknown exactly where the video was filmed or what sparked the incident to begin with.

You can watch the video in its entirety below.

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