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Video: Man tears up Ted Cruz signs, melts down when caught doing so — then it gets way more bizarre

A man really, really hates Republican Sen. Ted Cruz — and this video seems to confirm it. (Image source: Twitter video screenshot)

It's possible that the internet has seen — or is about to see — the biggest Sen. Ted Cruz hater in the United States.

Why, what happened?

It all began when Twitter user Alfredo Ramos began filming a man with long hair, a black leather jacket, and tight banana yellow pants about to yank pro-Cruz signs from a residential property in Texas.

As Ramos' camera began rolling, he can be heard asking the unnamed man what he was doing. The man responds that he is going to remove the signs (since he clearly was not a Cruz supporter) until Ramos says that he owns the property.

The man seems to waffle for a moment, and decides not to pull up Ramos' pro-Cruz signs. Instead, the man walks across the street — where Ramos follows him — and proceeds to rip up Ramos' neighbor's pro-Cruz signs.

"I’d be careful," Ramos says, noting that his neighbor is a gun owner.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot


The unnamed man apparently takes exception to Ramos' comment and remarks, "If you guys shoot me over that, that would be great."

"That would be an appropriate response," he sarcastically adds.

Ramos, who remains calm and collected through the entire ordeal, brushes the man's actions off as no big deal. Ramos goes on to tell the man that he has many, many more Cruz signs and would simply just put up more.

This seems to trigger the man to an unholy level, and the man charges at Ramos rasping, "I hate Ted Cruz! I hate Ted Cruz! I hate Ted Cruz!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

What happened next?

Ramos continues following the man down the road, and at one point, the man turns around a second time and rushes Ramos once again — this time maniacally laughing and shrilling about his hate for Cruz.

The man proceeds to the outside of a coffee house, where Ramos tells the patrons gathered outside that the man had just "gone nuts."

The man walks away, and the video ends.

You can watch the exchange in the video below, which Ramos shared on Twitter.

At the time of this writing, it has received over 400,000 views.

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