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Viral video features mom spanking 14-year-old son with a belt after he took off in her BMW

An El Paso, Texas, mother went viral for her reaction to her 14-year-old son taking her new BMW without permission. (Image source: KFOX-TV video screenshot)

A 14-year-old Texas teen faced his mother's wrath after reportedly driving her BMW illegally — and without permission.

The mom's reaction was caught on video, which has since gone viral on the internet.

What are the details of the incident?

Liza Martinez said that she'd just received a phone call from her son, Aaron, telling her that the internet at their home in El Paso, Texas, had gone out. Then she lost all communication with her home monitoring systems — like surveillance cameras.

"As soon as he said that, literally, I got a message instantly that my Wi-Fi was down," Martinez explained. "At that point, it blocks out my cameras, my home security. I don't see when the doors are being opened or closed."

Martinez's son apparently took the opportunity to seize his mom's BMW without being seen.

According to KFOX-TV, Martinez got in contact with the mother of one of her son's friends, who told her that Aaron had gone to a friend's house to pick him up.

Martinez then called her daughter, Liza Campero, who lives next door to Martinez, and told her to check to see if the BMW was where it should be.

It wasn't.

"That's when she told me to grab the belt, and I really just ran into the closet and grabbed the first belt I saw," Campero said, and began filming shortly thereafter.

Campero, who said that she often tweets about her brother over his propensity to get in trouble, said this was no different.

"Honestly, I post about my brothers all of the time because they're always in trouble," Campero admitted. "It just kept going, and it was getting funnier."

Martinez, apparently with Campero, rushed out in another one of her vehicles in order to catch up to and accost Aaron.

What happened then?

In the video, Martinez can be heard screaming, "Pull over now!" after she finds her son on the roadway.

"I pulled right out into traffic next to him," Martinez explained. "He was in one lane; I was in the lane next to him. That's when I yelled at him to pull over. Now."

Aaron acquiesced, and that's when Martinez flew out of the car — in a rage, and with belt in hand.

In the video, you can hear Martinez screaming at her son and apparently striking him with the belt.

According to the station, the video — which was shared to Twitter — immediately went viral with more than 42,000 retweets and over 146,000 likes.

"It's my son's well-being, his livelihood, his best friend's well-being, not to mention all of the people on the roadways," Martinez explained.

"I feel that I have a debt to society, and my debt to society is to make sure my children are productive, law-abiding citizens," she added.

Aaron remains grounded, according to Martinez.

You can watch the incident unfold in the video below, and read the lengthy Twitter thread here.

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