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This is not a caravan, it's an INVASION

Glenn Beck

The migrant — you can't see right now but I'm air quoting — "caravan" started off in Honduras with about 2,000 people. It then more than doubled in size to 5,000 strong. As of this morning, there are over 7,000 people making their way North to the U.S. border. The line of people, when they're not riding in the back of several mysteriously paid for trucks, stretches out for over a mile.

I air quoted "caravan" because this is anything but. When was the last time you saw more than seven thousand people, marching toward another country's border, and carrying their own flag? The answer for most of us is never, unless you've served in the military. This is an invasion. There's no other way to describe it.

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I've said it before, but this is a Honduran political stunt organized by a leftist group that has ties to the former Marxist president who was exiled after a coup in 2009. They never got over it, and they've been doing political stunts ever since to make the current right-wing government look bad. The organizers of this invasion have ties to the Castros in Cuba and [Nicolás] Maduro in Venezuela. This stunt is designed for media fallout, and it's timed very specifically for maximum exposure. Early voting for the midterms has already begun.

By the time they reach the U.S. border you'll only see two things on cable news:

1. Election polls and 2. The status at the border.

If the caravan is stopped in Mexico, this could actually help the GOP come Nov. 6. I mean, is there any greater example for why we need stricter border policies, or even a wall, after seeing all this play out? Mexican immigration officers were completely overwhelmed when the caravan first crossed into Mexico. They could only process about 600 people before the remaining 5,000-plus pushed through. Some on land while some waded across the water. If these invasion caravans are the new norm, do we have any choice but to build a wall?

This is the same tactic employed by Hamas.

But let's say the caravan reaches our border. Every single media camera will be pointed, not at the migrants, but at the National Guard and U.S. Border Patrol dressed in riot gear. Video will be rolling as tear gas clusters are fired at the waves of people attempting to cross. Pictures will be snapped of people showing off their rubber bullet bruises. It'll be mass chaos. And none of them will be reporting on what the migrants are doing, but rather, how we responded. You know who has to deal with this every day?


This is the same tactic employed by Hamas. They charge the Gaza/Israel border with thousands every… single… day. And how does the Western media respond? By vilifying Israel every time. And that's what we can expect if this invasion caravan reaches its destination.

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