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Members in the media seek to blame Ben Shapiro, Trump for bomb suspect's motives

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A persistent narrative, even before the identity or political affiliation of the mail bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc was known, is that Republican politicians or media members share in the blame for the suspect's actions due to things they have said.

One particularly aggressive example of this came when Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro was accused of "inciting terrorists."

The suspect has been widely given the nickname the "MAGA Bomber," a term that has caught on and at one point Friday became the top trending topic on Twitter in the United States, further serving to associate Trump with this man who, as far as authorities know right now, acted alone and had violent criminal tendencies that predate even Trump's candidacy.

CNN has also framed coverage in a way that implies President Donald Trump may need to take responsibility for a clearly disturbed person sending bombs to Democrats and liberal media.

'Angry at the world'

Sayoc, the 56-year-old man arrested and charged with mailing bombs to Democrats and members of the media, was a "crazed" man with a penchant for making disturbing, vague threats against minority groups, according to his former manager.

Debra Gureghian, the general manager of a restaurant Sayoc worked at as a delivery driver late last year and into January, told The Washington Post that he regularly disturbed co-workers with the things he said -- but that they kept him on staff because he was a reliable worker.

"He was very angry and angry at the world, at blacks, Jews, gays," Gureghian told The Post. "He always talked about 'if I had complete autonomy none of these gays or these blacks would survive.' He never said he would kill or murder them or bomb them he just said 'if I had complete autonomy the gays, the blacks and Jews would not survive.' He was very, very strange."

Gureghian also said they made him park his white van out of sight on the side of the restaurant because of disturbing images on it, including Ku Klux Klan-related images, anti-gay symbols, and a black person being hanged.

In 2002, Sayoc was arrested for threatening to bomb a Florida electric company, telling a representative "it would be worse than September 11th." He had various other arrests over the years for larceny, theft and fraud.

Sayoc's known background

Sayoc attended and played soccer at Brevard College in North Carolina, where he was also a member of a religious organization called the Canterbury Club. He also attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he also played soccer.

He has previously claimed, by way of a lawsuit in which he was deposed, that he spent 35 years working in the strip club industry, and also that he had been a professional soccer player in Milan, a professional wrestler, an arena football player in Arizona, and a Chippendales dancer.

Sayoc was a registered Republican who sometimes espoused his anti-Democrat views on social media, with negative posts about Barack Obama, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton, among others. He also expressed pro-Trump views online, including a picture of him apparently attending a MAGA rally.

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