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Thanks to SJW's, we'll now be stuck with a lot more Lisa and a lot less funny

Glenn Beck
Michael Nagle/Getty Images

Rest In Peace artistic freedom. Rest In Peace comedy. The leeching Politically Correct brigade have once again gotten their way. The Simpsons — a show that, let's be honest, hardly anyone even watches anymore — has surrendered to the unwavering demands of a small group of PC babies, who have screamed and wailed and moaned that the Apu character is "culturally insensitive."

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A few weeks ago South Park had an episode about it. Two PC Parents give birth to five PC Babies, and the PC Babies throw a tantrum anytime someone offends them, and the tantrums don't stop till the babies get what they want, resulting in the people of South Park having to banish one of their oldest, most offensive characters. They send him...to the Simpsons, that cesspool of racism and hatred. Yeah, we live in a world where a group of coddled, whiny people have determined that The Simpsons is hateful. The Simpsons.

They'll be heading for Ned Flanders next, that white supremacist cis-gender man, the symbol of the patriarchy. Then it'll be Moe, the bartender: Why has he taken the job of a minority/woman/transgender? Where's the diversity?! Because, in the world of the PC babies — and, with every small surrender like this one, the world becomes theirs just that much more — "comedy" should adhere to cultural sensitivity. To the rigorous standards of postmodern social doctrine.

In a few weeks' time, they'll be demanding that the show feature more racial diversity. More transgender characters. Fewer white — well, yellow characters. Fewer police. More, uh, professors. The plot lines will take subjects like Marxism, veganism, toxic masculinity, into consideration. Oh, and of course cultural appropriation, the idea that got us in this mess to begin with.

The show will become exactly like Lisa, but not Lisa, because even Lisa, who is a stereotype of the annoying PC kid who ruins the fun for everyone, even Lisa is not PC enough.

It won't be the Simpsons at all. But it will be the most culturally-sensitive, most forward-thinking TV show ever made. It will be the crowning achievement of the social justice movement. And not one single moment of it will be enjoyable or funny.

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