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Former FBI Director James Comey says the American people are experiencing an anti-Trump 'awakening

In an op-ed, former FBI Director James Comey writes that an anti-Trump movement is brewing and that a mass "awakening" is underway in the U.S. (Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

Former FBI Director James Comey believes that an anti-Trump movement is brewing and that a mass "awakening" is underway in the U.S. Comey detailed his beliefs in an Election Day op-ed for the New York Times.

What did he say in the op-ed?

In his op-ed, Comey wrote that Americans are "stirring" from a political fugue because of President Donald Trump and his work over the last two years. He believes the "giant" — the massive political center among American voters — is going to act.

In his op-ed, Comey invoked the Charlottesville, Virginia, riots and the border crisis to support his message: "I feel the giant stirring. The awakening is slow, but it is underway. Torches and death in Charlottesville. Children in cages at the border. The lying, misogyny, racism and attacks on the rule of law from our president."

Comey also pointed to the election of President Barack Obama and the failed presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton as evidence that the nation is progressing in the right direction:

Our country has changed dramatically in recent years. We elected a black man president for two terms and a woman won the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election. We legalized gay marriage, have an entirely new approach to work and technology and families, and we are on a path to the white majority becoming a minority. History shows us that with so much progress and change, a spasm of negativity and backlash was inevitable.

"These things poke the giant," he said. "It takes time, but the American people are stirring. They always do. And when they awaken, these fevers break very quickly."

What else?

Comey also encouraged U.S. citizens to vote their values on Election Day, and to avoid becoming "discouraged or complacent."

"Every American should be speaking about our nation’s values," Comey said. "Every American should be voting those values, which are far more important than even the most passionate policy differences. The history of America consoles us, but also calls us to action."

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