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Younger, browner, cooler': Van Jones is pumped about start of 'new Democratic Party

CNN commentator Van Jones exulted Tuesday night about a "new Democratic Party." (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Two years after his headline-grabbing lament about the "white-lash" he said got President Donald Trump elected, CNN commentator Van Jones exulted Tuesday night about a "new Democratic Party."

Specifically one that's "younger, browner" and "cooler."

But the night didn't start out that way for Jones, who was a bit down in the dumps over the "heartbreaking" initial numbers for Democratic candidates.

“The hope has been that the antibodies would kick in," he explained. "That this sort of infestation of hatred and division would draw a response from the American people — really in both parties — to say ‘no’ and ‘no more.’ That does not seem to be happening tonight."

Jones continued: “It’s not a blue wave, but it’s still a blue war. We’ve gotta continue the fight forward. But I think that sense of helplessness that has really fueled a lot of this outrage and outpouring from Democrats may still be there tomorrow even if we have the House.”

Here's the clip. The relevant comments come just after the 1-minute mark:

But then it was projected that the Democrats, as many expected, would take the House — and Jones' mood lightened considerably.

“My heart has been restored,” he said “It is the end of one-party rule in the United States, thank God, and the beginning of a new Democratic Party: Younger, browner, cooler, more women, more veterans.”

Jones added a list of firsts, included the elections of the first Muslim women and first Native American women, and said that while “it may not be a blue wave, it’s a rainbow wave. It's somethin' happenin' out there, and I'm happy about it."

(H/T: Mediaite)

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