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Free faith-based recovery program for injured veterans helps them heal in all areas of their lives
Former President George W. Bush (R) arrives to watch a demonstration of sitting volleyball before meeting with wounded warriors and veteran competitors at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in New York. Wounded vets have sought all sorts of ways to heal from their physical and mental wounds. REBOOT Combat Recovery seeks to help vets recover spiritually. (TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

Free faith-based recovery program for injured veterans helps them heal in all areas of their lives

Human beings are comprised of three parts: mind, body and soul, yet too often only the mind and body are considered when trying to help people overcome trauma. Now, there’s an organization diligently working to help soldiers spiritually heal from the traumatic wounds they’ve sustained.

REBOOT Combat Recovery, part of the Reboot Alliance, develops faith-based programs throughout the U.S. that help veterans and their families deal with issues following their service to our country.

"What we offer is a 12-week combat trauma healing course that's for the whole family,” Evan Owens, executive director of REBOOT Combat Recovery, recently told PureFlix.com’s “Pure Talk.”

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Owens noted that his REBOOT Combat Recovery programs offer a unique approach to helping combat veterans, as it focuses on their spiritual needs.

“All of our courses are free to any combat veteran and their spouse and we provide meals and childcare and really take a look at what, through a lens of faith — what does that teach us about how we can heal our souls from the trauma that we may sustain when we go through traumatic experiences downrange on deployments,” he said.

Listen to Owens reveal how he helps soldiers heal:

Owens explained that much of the attention on healing from trauma has been placed on mind and body, and that there have been a lack of programs that help with healing the human soul.

“When any of us go through any traumatic experience ... it's really a catalyst for a conversation about faith,” he said, noting that those who experience trauma naturally want to know why it unfolded. Owens believes that REBOOT Combat Recovery offers some of the answers.

He added, "We're a community first and a course second. … We look at what can God teach us about the human spirit and the wounding and healing of that spirit.”

Owens said his program works to help those suffering realize that they cannot place their identities in “something that will eventually go away.”

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This includes jobs and other temporary areas of focus where people typically find meaning. Instead, REBOOT Combat Recovery seeks to help soldiers focus on everlasting spiritual matters.

“Often times, depression is linked to a root of a misplaced identity,” he said, noting that the program aims to help people realize that they “can lead a life of purpose and joy” despite the difficulties and symptoms they face.

Find out more about REBOOT Combat Recovery and the REBOOT Alliance here.

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