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Fox's Varney kills extremely bizarre interview with Elon Musk’s brother, apologizes to viewers
Elon Musk's brother, Kimbal Musk, appears on "Varney & Co." for a very strange interview. He wants to talk about Plant A Seed Day, but Stuart Varney isn't buying that. (Image source: Fox video screenshot)

Fox's Varney kills extremely bizarre interview with Elon Musk’s brother, apologizes to viewers

The following interview might be what some people would consider a "train wreck."

Elon Musk's brother, Kimbal Musk, was featured on Fox Business' "Varney & Co." on Thursday, where he made a very impressionable appearance.

After nearly three painful minutes, Stuart Varney cut off the interview and apologized to viewers for the strange interaction.

What are the details?

The interview was bizarre from the outset. Varney welcomed Kimbal Musk, who sits on Tesla's company board, to the show.

"Hi, and thank you for having me here," Kimbal said. "I'm so excited about Plant A Seed Day."

Varney smiled and went on to ask Kimbal about Tesla's new chairman, Robyn Denholm.

"You are on the board at Tesla," Varney said. "And you've got a new chair. Have you heard anything from her? Is she laying down the law?"

Kimbal responded, "I am so happy for the future of Tesla. On March 20, 2019, we're going to do a Plant a Seed Day—"

Varney cut Kimbal off and protested: "Come on! You are on the board of Tesla — which is very much in the news. You've got a new chair to replace your brother, Elon Musk. You've got to tell me: Is she laying down the law? Have you had contact with her? What's she saying? What's she doing on the board?"

Kimbal was eager to respond — but not necessarily with what Varney expected.

"I am very happy about the future of Tesla," Kimbal repeated. "Let me tell you about a story—"

Varney interrupted once more, becoming increasingly irritated by Kimbal's deflection.

"I want to know what’s going on at Tesla with the new board chair, and you are on the board," Varney said. "Can you answer the question? What is she doing? What do you know that she’s doing so far? I don’t need to know you’re happy about future of Tesla, I want to know what your new chair is doing at Tesla on the board."

It quickly became clear that Kimbal wanted to talk about nothing but Plant a Seed Day, and Varney nothing but Tesla's new chairman.

"What I'd like to share, I'm so happy about the future of Tesla," Kimbal reiterated and then launched into his promotion for Plant a Seed Day. "Plant A Seed Day in 2019 will be a way for companies across America to participate—"

Neither would budge, and Varney eventually had to kill the interview.

"You think my viewers want to learn about Plant a Seed Day?" Varney thundered. "They don't care!"

Kimbal insisted that Americans would care about Plant a Seed Day, but Varney was having none of it.

"OK. I'm wrapping it up," Varney said. "I'm sorry. It's over. I will not be used."

After the interview was cut off, an exasperated-looking Varney appeared on the screen and issued an apology.

"Deep breath," an off-screen voice can be heard saying.

Varney responded, "Sorry about that."

Sigh. Fine. What's 'Plant a Seed Day'?

Shortly after his interview with Varney, Kimbal Musk tweeted exactly what this day is supposed to entail.

Kimbal linked an article to his tweet, and captioned it, "How I'm Going to Get 1 Million Families to Plant a Seed on March 20th."

The link directs to an article Kimbal posted on Medium with the same title, outlining the project.

According to the event's website, "Plant A Seed Day is a national campaign created by Big Green, with one goal in mind — to inspire kids to plant a seed and discover the magic of growing their own real food. On March 20th, the first day of spring in the US, Big Green invites families all over the country to join the real food movement and plant a seed in a local garden, at home, in school or in their community."

What else?

Big Green is an organization dedicated to creating and cultivating a climate of school food choices that promote wellness in children through learning gardens and food literacy programs.

The Medium article states, "Big Green is working with national and international distribution, brand, and sponsorship partners to get over 1 million seeds to families for March 20th, 2019."

Those families will plant their seeds, and ideally get hooked on growing and cultivating their own healthy, sustainable foods.

Companies and individuals are encouraged to get involved by visiting the movement's website.

You can read more about the event here.

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