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Man offers new social media platform strictly for Trump supporters and ostracized conservatives

A new social networking site is available specifically for supporters of President Donald Trump — and it's called "TrumpTown." (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

There's a new social media platform available for supporters of President Donald Trump and conservatives alike, and it's called "TrumpTown."

What are the details?

Addison Riddleberger, the new platform's founder, told Fox News that the site is tailored for people who have been "ostracized" from other larger social media networking sites and for those people who simply aren't interested in taking flak for their conservative, Trump-supporting political views.

“[The platform is] geared toward Trump supporters and conservatives who’ve been ostracized from other online platforms for simply having a countering opinion,” Riddleberger explained.

Riddleberger told Fox News that Facebook disabled his account 24 hours ahead of the midterm elections and shut down his network of conservative social media pages, which included "Standing for Americans," "Patriotic Folks," and "Freedom Catalog."

Indeed, a Facebook search for Riddleberger — or any of his aforementioned Facebook pages — renders no search results. Riddleberger said that the pages had more than $25,000 invested in them.

A sample post on the new site reads, "Welcome to TrumpTown — where you won't be censored, ghosted, or banned for supporting the 45th President of the United States."

Riddleberger added that he created the site because there were no conservative alternatives to big social media, which he says is decidedly leftist.

"[S]omeone needed to offer a conservative alternative to the monopoly that left-leaning elites hold over the social networking space," he explained. "Secondly, because myself and many other conservatives have been personally affected by self-proclaimed 'open platforms' clamping down on my right to free speech."

The social networking site is free and offers paid membership upgrades for users who want to have an even more immersive experience.

TrumpTown's landing page states, "TrumpTown is a hub for free speech and political debate," and features a scrolling marquee of Americana photos, as well as photos of the president.

The page also adds that the network is not affiliated with the Trump administration or any Trump businesses.

"This is TrumpTown. A free-speech social site for people of all kinds, but more specifically, the supporters of President Trump that have been tarred and feathered by hostile internet conglomerates and tech elites inside Silicon Valley," Riddleberger wrote.

He added, "[I]n this important political climate in America — where division has reached a critical mass and open, honest debate is rare occurrence — it’s time to bring forth a platform that encourages political debate, from every end of every spectrum. Hence, TrumpTown was born."

"Speak your mind freely and let's get back to what this country is all about — liberty and justice for all.

Anything else?

TheBlaze spoke with Riddleberger, who revealed that the site has received a huge uptick in traffic over the last 24 hours.

"Despite sporadic server outages that we’re working on due to heavy traffic, our site has amassed an incredible 10,000 users in just 24 hours," Riddleberger said.

When TheBlaze asked Riddleberger how the platform will moderate any threatening types of speech on the platform, he revealed that he and his team are working on a comprehensive effort for simple guidelines, but no needless or questionable censorship.

"[M]y team and I are currently brainstorming some basic guidelines — which will be absolutely clear and explicit unlike other social network giants — that will undergird our foundational principle of free speech while still keeping every user, no matter what worldview they may hold, safe," Riddleberger explained.

Riddleberger also told TheBlaze that TrumpTown's very essence is a "rejection of 'forced political correctness' by mainstream social networks."

"The left-leaning elites of Silicon Valley have incrementally removed and silenced conservative voices — the same voices that echo our country’s Founding Fathers and those helped build the greatest country in the history of the world," Riddleberger added, noting that the platform has aims in working to be a "beacon of hope in what’s a dark time for free and unconventional thinkers."

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