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Aaron Rodgers cleared to play on Sunday, only days after COVID diagnosis and Joe Rogan medical advice controversy

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Aaron Rodgers is set to be back on the gridiron on Sunday after he tested negative for COVID-19. Only days after his COVID-19 diagnosis, Rodgers will return as quarterback for the Green Bay Packers for their home game against the Seattle Seahawks at Lambeau Field on Sunday, according to NFL.com.

Rodgers is reportedly set to be activated off the reserve/COVID-19 list, just 10 days after he tested positive for coronavirus — the earliest he was eligible to return.

"Throughout the week leading up to Saturday, which is the first day in which Rodgers can be activated, Packers head coach Matt LaFleur made it known if all went according to plan, Rodgers would be in the starting lineup on Sunday," the outlet reported.

After his positive test, it was revealed that the three-time MVP QB was unvaccinated against COVID-19. Rodgers was harangued by the media, sports talking heads, and some fans for not being vaccinated. Rodgers never specifically said he was vaccinated against COVID-19, but previously described himself as "immunized." Rodgers said he has an allergy to an ingredient in the mRNA vaccines.

During an appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show," Rodgers fired back at the controversy over his personal medical decision by pointing out the hypocrisy of leftists for disparaging the COVID-19 vaccines when former President Donald Trump was in office and then praising the exact same vaccines when Joe Biden was elected president.

"When [then-President Donald] Trump in 2020 was champion[ing] these vaccines that were coming so quick, what did the left say? And I'm talking about every member of the left: 'Don't trust the vaccine, don't get the vaccine, you're gonna die from the vaccine,'" Rodgers said. "And then what happened? [President Joe] Biden wins, and everything flips. Shouldn't that initially give you a little bit of pause ... isn't this s**t about health and not about, like, politics?"

Rodgers consulted with doctors as well as Joe Rogan, who was also stricken with COVID-19 while he was unvaccinated.

"I consulted with a now-good friend of mine Joe Rogan," Rodgers said. "I've been doing a lot of the stuff that [Rogan] recommended in his podcasts and ... I'm gonna have the best possible immunity now. And I feel pretty incredible."

Rodgers said he took therapeutics such as zinc, vitamins C and D, and monoclonal antibodies.

Rogan said the doctors who he consulted "threw the kitchen sink" at his COVID-19 infection, which included a treatment of "all kinds of meds, monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, Z-Pak, prednisone, everything."

During his announcement in September, the podcast giant said he felt "great" after three days of treatment.

"I really only had one bad day, Sunday sucked. Monday was better, Tuesday felt better than Monday, and today I feel good, I actually feel pretty f***ing good," Rogan explained.

Like Rodgers, Rogan also experienced controversy as media outlets like CNN characterized Rogan's human ivermectin treatment as "horse dewormer."

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