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Aaron Rodgers body-bags Jimmy Kimmel and refuses to apologize; then he exposes the media's 'game plan' against dissenters
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Aaron Rodgers body-bags Jimmy Kimmel and refuses to apologize; then he exposes the media's 'game plan' against dissenters

Aaron Rodgers is not apologizing.

The NFL quarterback responded on Tuesday to late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and the controversy involving comments he made last week when he allegedly suggested that Kimmel's name would be found in the tranche of Jeffrey Epstein court documents. Kimmel threatened to sue Rodgers and dedicated a monologue on his show to attacking the star quarterback.

Speaking on the "The Pat McAfee Show," Rodgers suggested his comments were intentionally misinterpreted.

According to Rodgers, the beef between Kimmel and himself dates back to the COVID-19 pandemic when Kimmel mocked Rodgers for being skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine and dominant government narratives about the pandemic. Kimmel, according to Rodgers, turned out to be wrong about the shot despite saying that medical care should be withheld from those who didn't take it.

The second issue, according to Rodgers, is that Kimmel believed Rodgers is "an overly concussed wacko" for believing that an Epstein client list exists.

"Fast forward to this last week and I said that 'a lot of people, including Jimmy Kimmel, are really hoping that doesn't come out' — that's the entire quote," Rodgers explained.

"I was referring to the fact that if there is a list ... and there are names on it, then that would be the second time that a soft-brained, junior college student, wacko, anti-vax, anti-Semite, purveyor of misinformation, conspiracy theorist, MAGA — whatever other things that have been said by him and other people in the media — would be right twice," he added, mocking his critics.

Rodgers acknowledged that he understands "how serious an allegation of pedophilia" is and thus he understands why Kimmel is upset. But, referring back to the quote of his comment that invoked Kimmel, Rodgers said he made no such suggestion against Kimmel.

"I’m not stupid enough — even though you think I'm an idiot and you made a lot of comments about my intelligence — but I'm not stupid enough to accuse you of that with absolutely zero evidence, concrete evidence. That's ridiculous," Rodgers explained.

Later in the interview, Rodgers slammed ESPN senior VP Mike Foss for releasing a statement accusing Rodgers of making a "dumb and factually incorrect joke" about Kimmel.

"Mike, you're not helping. You're not helping because I just read earlier exactly what I said," Rodgers began.

"This is the game plan of the media. This is what they do. They try and cancel," he continued. "And it's not just me — it's nowhere near just me. If you look at all the different people who've been censored from the internet — especially during COVID. The canceling that went on, the censorship, using the government to try and censor people that happened."

According to Rodgers, when media outlets' attempts at canceling people do not work, they resort to "name-calling," which he said also doesn't work because people can see the truth for themselves.

"This is the game plan they use. Incorrect, but that's the environment we're in," he said.

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