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People are marveling at Adele's weight loss, but others are outraged at the fat-shaming


'Y'all hate successful and happy fat people so much'

Singer Adele astounded her fans with her weight loss, but others were angered by the comments that they perceived as "fat-shaming" those who had trouble with their weight.

Adele celebrated her birthday by posting a photograph of herself to her Instagram account and her more than 35 million followers. Many praised her for her weight loss, which she had previously discussed in an interview with Vogue in 2016.

"I was trying to get some stamina for my tour, so I lost a bit of weight," Adele said.

"Now I fit into normal, off-the-shelf clothes," she added, "which is a really big problem for me!"

The post received more than 8 million "likes" and 183,000 comments, mostly of support and approval.

The angry online reaction

Others decried the celebratory comments to Adele as having a sinister side effect of shaming those with "body positivity" issues.

"Fellow thins, don't be fatphobic. I see you tweeting about Adele. Fat people can see you tweeting about Adele too," said Muslim bisexual historian Blair Imani.

"[G]ood morning, deeply depressed by everyone fawning over adele's weight loss," tweeted writer Marisa Kabas, "the most impressive thing a woman can do is lose weight."

"Your weight doesn't determine your beauty. Your appearance doesn't determine your beauty. The number on the scale doesn't make you worthy or unworthy," responded disability blogger Melissa Blake.

"To my fellow fats who are looking at everyone telling Adele how beautiful she is now she's skinny - you're valid, beautiful and celebrated at the weight you are NOW. You don't need an "Adele" moment to feel validated. You can achieve and be whatever you want to be RIGHT NOW," replied lgbtqiap+ activist Lottie L'Amour.

"The discourse on Adele is gross and ridded with fat shaming under the guise of 'concerns about health' and the belief that becoming thinner is the same as having a "glow up." I know this song and dance all too well. Y'all hate successful and happy fat people so much," responded writer B.J. Colangelo.

Adele also used the Instagram post to thank the medical workers on the front line fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

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