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'Afghan Lives Matter!': Protesters chant outside United Nations — and some wonder why Black Lives Matter backers aren't seething over slogan 'appropriation'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @BGOnTheScene

Hundreds of people waving Afghanistan flags protested Sunday outside the United Nations in New York City just as Taliban fighters plowed through the nation and took over the capital of Kabul, Yahoo News reported via Storyful.

'Afghan Lives Matter!'

One of the phrases protesters chanted was "Free, free Afghanistan!":

But another chant that seemed to draw far less media attention — and that certainly ought to rankle the sensitivities of at least a few leftists within earshot — was "Afghan Lives Matter!"

Check it out:

Readers of TheBlaze no doubt know that supporters of BLM typically go a little crazy whenever anyone changes the "Black Lives Matter" phrase by saying "All Lives Matter" or "Blue Lives Matter" or some other alteration of the original.

In fact, a college football coach lost his job last season after taking down a Black Lives Matter sign that had been taped to his office door and replacing it with a sign reading "All Lives Matter to Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ."

How did folks react?

Inquiring minds are wondering how leftists handled the "Afghan Lives Matter!" chants. Indeed, was there a huge pushback on social media?

Well, it appears there's not too much of a groundswell at present pushing back against the chant. Could it be that cognitive dissonance is taking root with the left and not letting go? Or maybe some groups are allowed to alter the phrase and others aren't?

Either way, it seems clear that plenty of folks are having fun with the relative ease with which the protesters got the "Afghan Lives Matter!' with no apparent repercussions:

  • "This is racist towards BLM!" one commenter hollered, tongue firmly ensconced in cheek.
  • "This is cultural appropriation. Someone let the BLM folks know. This is not acceptable," another user said with self-proclaimed sarcasm.
  • "I thought no lives mattered until Black Lives Matter?" another wisenheimer quipped.
  • "Oh. ALM. Do their leaders have homes in Beverly Hills?" another commenter asked, nearly nailing a comical point directed at Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors who reportedly bought four homes for $3.2 million — including a $1.4 million property in overwhelmingly white Topanga Canyon, California.
  • "I thought no one is allowed to steal the Black Lives Matter slogan," another user pointed out.
  • "Where are the people beating them down because 'No lives matter until black lives matter'?" another commenter asked.
  • "Pretty sure the left-wing media will call that hate speech because it's taking away from BLM [which] has been silent after stealing millions in donations, burning down and looting cities and killing people," another user observed.
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