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Nail-biting video shows off-duty cop fire gun as he's mowed down by Jeep in his front yard; Alabama man charged with attempted murder

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A heart-stopping video shows the moment that an off-duty police officer was mowed down by a Jeep in Alabama. The driver was charged with attempted murder in the apparent attack on the cop's front yard.

Around 5:17 p.m. on Tuesday, Decatur police officer Jack Brown noticed a man sitting in a black Jeep Wrangler outside his home in Decatur. Brown asked the driver if he needed any assistance, and the man began to curse at the cop, according to charging documents.

Pulse-pounding doorbell camera video showed Brown narrowly escape the Jeep from hitting him. The driver – later identified as Gregory Martin Hill – crashed into a tree.

Brown fell to the ground, but quickly recovered and sprinted up his driveway towards his home, as seen in the nail-biting video.

Hill ran up the driveway towards the house, but then retreated to his vehicle. Suddenly, Brown burst out of his front door armed with a gun.

According to the affidavit, Brown ordered Hill to get on the ground, but he did not comply.

Despite the handgun pointed at the driver, Hill backed the Jeep up into the road. The truck went out of view of the camera.

Unexpectantly, the Jeep sped towards Brown, who was standing in his front yard. The intense footage revealed the off-duty cop firing multiple shots at the Jeep as he was plowed by the front of the vehicle. Brown was slammed to the ground, and then Hill backed up and ran over the police officer's legs. None of the gunshots hit Hill.

Hill got out of the Jeep to confront Brown. However, the cop and a witness subdued Hill. Other officers arrived at the crime scene to arrest Hill.

Brown was taken to Huntsville Hospital and released later that night.

The Decatur Police Department said, "He is walking and doing well. He and his family would like to thank everyone for their messages and prayers."

Hill, 54, was initially charged with second-degree assault. However, the charges have been upgraded to attempted murder.

Morgan County Circuit Judge Charles Elliott set Hill’s bond at $1,000,000.

Decatur Police Department spokeswoman Irene Cardenas-Martinez said there is no apparent connection between Officer Brown and the suspect, according to Alabama.com.

(WARNING: Graphic video)

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