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Shocking NEW video shows crowd laughing and cheering as Andy Ngo assaulted by Antifa; attack caused 'brain bleed', hospitalization


Michelle Malkin shares new video with a more direct angle, and it is ugly.

(Image source: YouTube screenshot)

When independent photojournalist Andy Ngo was attacked and robbed, ending in a bloodied trip to the hospital after an attack by masked Antifa members in Portland, photos and videos made it out despite the group's efforts at silencing him.

On Sunday, a new video was obtained and posted by conservative columnist and author Michelle Malkin, with a better angle. In the beginning you can only hear the confrontation as the person filming struggles to make it to the scene, but you can catch the end of the attack as the video goes on.

To include the cheering of the "protesters" over the incident.



Malkin tweeted the YouTube video and remarks that you can see "thug 1" punch Ngo in both eyes while wearing "assault gloves."

Ngo's lawyer posted an update on Saturday night about his condition.

Some journalists, perhaps against expectations, have condemned the attack and violence.

Sadly, it was not the only violent incident at the weekend demonstration where Antifa and 'Proud Boys' clashed. In fact, there were even three arrests, despite the Portland Mayor and Police Department taking a decidedly "hands off" approach to Antifa's many demonstrations, traffic shut-downs, and general civil unrest over the months.

Malkin has started a GoFundMe for Andy Ngo, which overnight topped an impressive $110,000. You read more about that here.

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