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Angry crowd stones to death gunman who reportedly killed partygoer and wounded 3 others


A suspected gunman in a deadly Fort Worth, Texas, shooting has been stoned to death, according to local reports.

What are the details?

The unnamed suspect reportedly opened fire on a group of partygoers in the early hours of Monday morning, killing one and injuring at least three others, KDFW-TV reported.

Following the shooting, the crowd reportedly chased down the suspect and began throwing gardening stones and landscaping bricks, fatally injuring the suspect.

The Sun reported that a local reporter quoting the Fort Worth Police Department said that "the crowd defended themselves with gardening stones, killing the gunman."

A news release obtained by KIRO-TV noted, "A small gathering was taking place in the backyard of a residence when one of the attendees became upset and left the gathering."

Authorities said that the unnamed partygoer later returned to the party and reportedly engaged several other people in an argument, prompting the attendee to open fire on the group.

"The other attendees of the party then gave chase to the shooter," authorities said in the release. "The shooter turned and fired at other people; a group picked up concrete landscaping bricks and started 'throwing them' at the shooter."

Investigators said that the group eventually overwhelmed the suspect as the suspect fell to the ground.

"A victim was pronounced dead at the scene and another victim was transported to an area hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot injury," investigators said. "The shooter was struck multiple times with at least one landscaping brick and was pronounced dead at the scene."

A spokesperson for the Fort Worth Police Department told the Washington Examiner that one victim was in critical condition as of Monday, and two suffered non-life-threatening injuries. All three are expected to survive.

"An altercation occurred during a party at this location resulting in two subjects deceased, one victim in critical condition, and two victims' injuries were non-life-threatening," the spokesperson said. "Homicide detectives were notified."

The Sun noted that a neighbor who lives near the home where the incident reportedly took place said that those at the home "play music really loud" on the weekends.

"One of my neighbors had to go down there and tell them to turn it down," the unnamed resident said.

It is not clear at the time of this reporting what led up to the shooting other than what police referred to as a "disturbance."

Authorities say they are investigating the deaths.

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