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'Dear President Vladimir Putin, I'm so sorry that I was not your mother': As Russia invades Ukraine, actress posts video of bizarre poem

Tasia Wells/Getty Images for The Artists Project

As the world watches Russia invade the nation of Ukraine, actress AnnaLynne McCord has released a bizarre video in which she stares into a camera and delivers a poem suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin would have been a completely different person if she had been his mother, because he would have felt loved and secure.

"Dear President Vladimir Putin, I'm so sorry that I was not your mother," McCord said at the beginning of the video, which continues for more than two minutes.

"If I was your mother, the world would've been warm, so much laughter and joy and nothing would harm. I can't imagine the stain, the soul-stealing pain, that the little-boy you must've seen and believed, and the formulation of thought quickly taught that you lived in a cruel, unjust world. Is this why you now decide no one will get the best of you? Is this why you do not hide nor away shy from taking back the world?" she said. "Was it because so early in life all that strife wracked your little body with fear?"

McCord's cringeworthy video raised eyebrows on Twitter, racking up millions of views and thousands of responses.

"This is so tonedeaf it’s wild. Not only is this 'hot take' insensitive to what’s happening right now, I also have to say, blaming a woman for 'not properly mothering' instead of blaming an adult man who has agency over his own choices, is the most blatant misogyny I’ve ever seen," actress Lauren Ash tweeted.

"Not sure if I will ever be able to un-cringe from watching this... Please add cringe warning to vids like this..." someone else tweeted.

Eric Hubbs of Barstool Sports tweeted, "gotta wonder why the celebs didn't try slam poetry before to stop the war."

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