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Leftist leans half her body out car window amid traffic to flip off Trump fans. Then cops pay her a visit — and much glee ensues.


'That was the best thing ever'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @WOP_45, redacted

We don't know when or where the video was recorded — but our funny bones sure are glad it exists.

What are the details?

A woman is behind the wheel of car during daytime traffic, and according to Twitter user WOP_45, she becomes enraged at attendees at a rally in support of President Donald Trump.

So triggered was she that the motorist is heard on the clip screaming obscenities — specifically "F*** Donald Trump!" And she underscores her rage with a middle finger:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @WOP_45, redacted

But the Trump fans just happily hoot and holler back at her, and then she loses it.

You see, while her first bird-flip takes place as she sits in the driver seat in a stationary vehicle, the outraged woman's next act is offering a second message to the Trump faithful: A double middle finger as she leans half her body out the window — no seatbelt employed, natch — and while her car is in motion.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @WOP_45, redacted


At that point she apparently comes to her senses, realizes she's not paying attention to traffic, and slams on the brakes. The Twitter poster says she hit the vehicle in front of her — the Trump fans do let out a rousing yell with applause after her sudden stop — but it's not clear from the clip if she actually bumps the vehicle in front of her or not.

Whatever actually happened in those few seconds, there's no mistaking the pair of police officers who walk up to her window. Maybe they saw her without her seatbelt on and not paying attention to traffic; maybe she did indeed hit the vehicle in front of her. Who knows?

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @WOP_45

Regardless, as previously stated, we're sure glad the clip exists — and it's worthy of multiple watches.

Content warning: Language

What did commenters have to say?

It will come as no surprise that commenters on the video were overjoyed:

  • "That was the best thing ever," one commenter wrote. "When someone is that angry, flipping you off: you laugh and laugh. It makes them more insane. Now she has to sit and hear more laughter while the cops talk to her. Wish I had been there."
  • "Everyone knows to set parking brake before flipping double-birds," another commenter said.
  • "That scene exemplifies the entire Democrat party, everything the do because of their hated of Trump, comes back and bites them in the ass," another commenter noted.
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