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Anti-Trump 'humanitarian' mocks South Carolina dad, daughter killed in hunting accident as 'MAGAbillys'


'At least they died supporting their beloved 2nd Amendment'

Image source: WCBD-TV video screenshots

A Seattle businesswoman — apparently a vehement opponent of President Donald Trump — posted a tweet Friday mocking a South Carolina father and his 9-year-old daughter who were killed in a hunting accident as "MAGAbillys," reported.

MAGA, of course, refers to "Make America Great Again" — the slogan for Trump's 2016 presidential campaign — words that have repeatedly driven leftists to derangement in numerous incidents.

KTTH-AM radio host Jason Rantz noted in his piece that Lana Kiossovski is a business partner with Saint John's Bar and Eatery in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood and that her @lana_palooza29 Twitter account listed her as a "humanitarian."

You can judge that latter designation for yourself:

Image source: Twitter

There was "no indication the family supports President Donald Trump and nothing in the story mentioned politics at all," Rantz added in his piece.

The tweet in question "was deleted at some point but people had already begun to dig into other deranged, vulgar musings posted to the account," the outlet noted.

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One tweet, apparently angry that Trump ordered the targeted strike against an Iranian terrorist responsible for the deaths of hundreds of U.S. troops, encouraged the Iranian government to "retaliate and take this mother out." According to another screenshot, she also mused, "I'm sure said terrorists can find [Trump] at any number of his golf resorts." And it's not just tweets decrying Trump that got some reaction. She also called Rep. Tulsi Gabbard the c-word.

Scores of users showed screenshots of their reports to Twitter for violating terms of service.

Users started to figure out who they believed the account belonged to. Then some started to dox Kiossovski's personal information and the businesses she's involved in. She appears to have reacted by going into digital hiding. Not only have her personal accounts been taken down, so too was the bar's Facebook page.


Val Kiossovski, owner of Saint John's Bar and Eatery, emailed Rantz's radio show confirming the tweet about the father and daughter was sent by his wife Lana, the outlet reported. He insisted to MyNorthwest that she isn't involved in the business' ownership except through proxy via their marriage. But the outlet said the "About Us" section on the restaurant's website that lists Lana Kiossovski as a business partner was taken down prior to Val Kiossovski's email to the station — and that the Puget Sound Business Journal lists her as a business partner.

Kiossovski added to the radio station that he's received a number of Twitter threats stemming from users doxxing his wife, and Rantz said he encouraged him to report threats to police, MyNorthwest added.

Here's how Rantz concluded his piece:

While I think doxxing is wrong (her home address and phone number should be off-limits), I do think it's kosher to call her out for being a garbage human being. And choosing not to contribute to a business that adds to her wealth is appropriate.

I don't believe in boycotting businesses for political positions — regrettably, that's a position progressives take. Sure, her close-minded political views triggered this reaction, but this tweet very clearly transcends a political view. This is about an utter lack of humanity, so deranged in an anti-Trump view, that anyone who hunts or lives in the south is somehow a "MAGAbilly"? And to extend that derangement to a 9-year-old girl? This is simply despicable.
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