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Antifa tough guy oversteps his bounds with driver in Portland — and gets taught brutal lesson

Now, that's how you deal with the left-wing mob

Antifa militants more or less have been taking over the streets in Portland, Oregon — and giving law enforcement just about all it can handle.

How bad has it gotten? Well, one guy apparently thought it was a good idea to attack a federal police officer with a hammer a few days ago:

Yet the left-wing mob keeps coming, destroying property and causing general mayhem:

Then there are other forms of lunacy, including one leftist militant — apparently a woman — who stole an elderly man's bike, then punched him square in the face. (Content warning: language):

Elderly Man Sucker Punched Portand Protests #BLM #PDX #Portland #Riotsyoutu.be

And another woman acted on her bright brainwave to walk a toddler past a line of armed federal officers:

But then Antifa messes with the wrong guy

With all the left-wing brazenness going on in Portland, it's not too surprising that one Antifa bro over the weekend walked up to a parked SUV and opened the door, presumably to mess with the driver.

Why? Well, he's been allowed to do so — and with little consequence thus far.

But this time our hero showed just how tough he isn't.

The driver immediately steps out of his SUV, grabs the brat who opened his door, then puts a nifty move on him, slamming him on his back upon the sidewalk.

"Don't you ever, ever come near my vehicle again!" the man hollers at the kid, hovering over him. "Do you understand me?"

Almost as satisfying as watching the scared youngster fold like cheap suit is the sight of his fearless gang of comrades — about 10 of them — quickly scurrying away from the takedown. Antifa bros usually stick together and gang up on lone targets. But not this time.

After being yelled at to "get up!" the hapless leftist dutifully follows orders, and the man returns to the SUV's driver's seat and shuts the door.

Oh, but there's more

One might think that the Antifa faithful would've cut their losses and kept moving on down the sidewalk at this point. But alas, they had more entertainment up their sleeves.

After one of the militants mustered up the gumption to accuse the driver of "petty s**t" and to order him to "get the f*** out of here" — as the door was closing, mind you — he shines a light into the SUV and excitedly exclaims he's spotted "arrows" in the back of the vehicle.

"Hey! We need a bunch of people down here now!" the excited Antifa fella yells to his crew. "Bow and arrows!" The driver didn't seem to care one bit.

Check it out. Content warning: language:

Anyone else hear angels singing?

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