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Five dumb road ragers bring 'large rock' to what becomes a gun fight — and don't stick around for long


The victim — struck in the head by the rock through his car window — is a concealed handgun license holder

William Vianna Oliveira (Image source: Bexar County Jail)

"The things you see when you're out without your gun." Jim Malone, "The Untouchables"

It seems five suspects were engaged in a road rage incident with one driver Wednesday afternoon in San Antonio, when the lone driver pulled into his apartment complex and parked, police told told

With that, the courageous quintet followed the 24-year-old man into the parking area, got out and descended upon his vehicle, WOAI-TV reported.

Putting an exclamation point on their triumph, one of them threw a "large rock" through the victim's driver's window that struck him in the head. said.


As it turns out the man they targeted is a concealed handgun license holder, the outlet said, and the well-heeled fella decided to put it to use, shooting at the suspects.

As you might guess, none of them stuck around to see how many bullets they could dodge.

Well, one did — kinda.

William Vianna Oliveira, 18, surrendered to the gun-toting driver at the scene, said. The victim held down Oliveira until police arrived, WOAI added.

Two of the other suspects who were not identified were found and arrested, reported, adding that the other two suspects were still at large.

Police told the outlet they don't believe the victim's shots hit any of the suspects.

Oliveira was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and booked into jail on a $75,000 bond, said.

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