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Man allegedly strangled woman to death after meeting her on the dark web and left her naked body behind a dumpster on Valentine's Day

Image Source: WNBC-TV YouTube video screenshot composite

Police announced an arrest in connection to the strangling death of a woman whose body was found behind a garbage dumpster on Valentine's Day.

Nassau County Homicide Squad Detective Captain Stephen Fitzpatrick told reporters during a media briefing that they had arrested 25-year-old Andrew Avila for the murder of 39-year-old Rebecca Carlson on Thursday.

Investigators said that Avila had met Carlson on a website on the dark web where people paid for sexual acts. Avila allegedly picked up Carlson in his car and drove her to a business parking lot in Mineola on Long Island.

"He pushed it a little further when she objected, wanted a little more money, that he didn't have any more money," said Fitzpatrick. "They became physical, she was trying to beat him off, he became more aggressive and choked her until she died."

Police said that Avila then dumped her body behind a garbage dumpster at an Advanced Auto Parts in South Hempstead.

Avila allegedly went on to his daily routine after that and went to work.

Investigators said that Carlson would prostitute herself in order to pay for her drug addictions.

"This is a girl that had a family, has children," said Fitzpatrick. "She got into controlled substance abuse, where she had an addiction, she had to supplement that problem and would resort to this type of behavior, unfortunately she ran into the wrong person."

Fitzpatrick said that Avila had no previous criminal record before being charged with second-degree murder. Avila was arraigned on the charge on Friday.

Here's a local news report about the incident:

Dark Web Solicitation Turns Deadly: Suspect Arrested in Valentine's Day Murder | NBC New Yorkwww.youtube.com

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