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Axios puts 2A supporters on blast, publishes list of GOP lawmakers who receive the most money from gun groups

Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Axios made its political affinities clear on Wednesday when it published a list of the Republican representatives who have received the most money from gun-rights groups over the course of their political careers, a not-so-veiled attack on U.S. lawmakers who support the Second Amendment.

What are the details?

The list, which came in response to Tuesday's atrocious school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, that left 19 children and three adults dead, appeared to draw a direct link between the lawmakers and the violence carried out against the elementary students and staff.

Late Tuesday morning, troubled 18-year-old Salvador Ramos entered Robb Elementary School wearing a tactical vest and carrying a rifle. Once inside, he barricaded himself in a classroom and opened fire on students until being fatally shot by law enforcement.

Axios reported that "there is renewed scrutiny on the hundreds of thousands of dollars Republican lawmakers have received in campaign contributions from groups supporting gun rights" in the wake of the shooting.

In a chart posted in the article, the news outlet specifically highlighted the fact that three of the top ten gun group beneficiaries are representatives from Texas — GOP Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn and GOP Rep. Pete Sessions. It noted that Cruz, the top beneficiary, was hit with intense backlash from gun control advocates for his response to the shooting.

Speaking with reporters on Tuesday, Cruz argued that restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens through further gun control measures is not an effective solution. Instead, he said, "We need to devote far more law enforcement resources to stopping violent criminals and preventing these kinds of absolute acts of evil."

Axios' Erin Doherty further lamented the "pattern that follows congressional action in the wake of a mass shooting." She said: "Lawmakers will zero in on legislation focused on gun control that requires bipartisan support to pass, but that Republicans will not stand behind."

What else?

Different from Republicans, Democratic lawmakers responded to the tragedy by renewing calls for gun control. President Joe Biden urged Congress to take "action" against the gun lobby, and Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy, a staunch proponent of gun control, got down on his knees in a floor speech to beg colleagues to "pass laws that make this less likely."

Collectively, Democrats renewed calls for Senate Republicans to pass proposed reforms that expand background checks for private gun transactions and ban semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines.

However, it remains unclear whether an expanded background check law on private sales, in addition to being difficult to enforce, would effectively prevent people like Ramos from getting their hands on a gun. Ramos did not appear to have a criminal record and reportedly purchased the guns from a licensed gun shop in town.

Likewise, gun supporters have argued for years that bans on certain weapons and magazines do little to prevent would-be criminals (i.e. lawbreakers) from obtaining them. Rather, the bans only restrict law-abiding citizens.

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