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Babysitter with criminal record accused of raping 13-year-old boy, forcing him to dress in drag: 'Shut up and take it like a man'

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A Texas babysitter has been arrested after she allegedly sexually assaulted a boy left in her care two years ago, when he was just 13 years old.

According to a police report filed earlier this week, 41-year-old Charlene Gayle Kornegay used to invite the victim to her Houston condo so that he and her son could "play video games" together. On one occasion while the boy was over in July 2021, Kornegay allegedly cornered him after he got out of the shower. She then demanded that he "put on a dress, heels, and a bra," the affidavit said. Afterward, she supposedly lured the boy into her son's room, and while her son slept nearby, sexually assaulted him.

The report claimed that during the incident, Kornegay rubbed lotion "on his 'pee pee'" and then proceeded to perform a sex act on him. When the boy asked her to stop, she told him to "shut up and take it like a man." The affidavit indicated that "[t]he defendant then had sex with him."

Kornegay also allegedly began assaulting the boy on another occasion when he was taking a bath, the report added, but she ultimately backed off that time after the boy asked her to stop. At one point during their encounters, Kornegay held a knife to the boy's penis and threatened to "cut it off" if he ever reported the attacks.

Despite the threat of violence, the boy reported Kornegay to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services just over a year ago. A subsequent investigation by a therapist prompted Houston PD to become involved.

The boy's father admitted that he was initially skeptical of the accusations against Kornegay. However, he said he eventually realized "something happened" with Kornegay because the boy "does not know how to express himself like that," the father claimed.

On Thursday, Kornegay was arrested and charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child under 14, a charge which could carry a minimum sentence of 25 years if she's convicted. The charge may also affect a sentence she has yet to fully serve for another crime. At the time the alleged assault took place, Kornegay was on a deferred sentence for possession of methamphetamine. State authorities have now filed court documents claiming that, in raping the boy, Kornegay violated the terms of her deferred sentence.

Kornegay has also previously been convicted of theft and insurance fraud.

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