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Bernie's 'Medicare-for-All' plan includes paying for illegal immigrants


In fact, it goes even further than that. And fellow Dems are on board.

(Image source: Fox News screenshot)

Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders is right in line with the current liberal zeitgeist - in fact he says he was there first, and therefore is excused from being a white male - and his Medicare for All plan is being endorsed and embraced by his competition for the 2020 Democrat nomination.

As Fox News reported, that plan isn't just about no American paying for healthcare, or even nose jobs, it's about people who are not Americans, too. As in, people who are here illegally.

You see, rather than covering "citizens", the legislation Sanders unveiled this week would cover all "residents" in the United States. As Fox notes, that's "a shift from the Affordable Care Act, which limited benefits to citizens, nationals and "lawfully present" immigrants. The House bill also prohibits the government from denying benefits because of "citizenship status."

More than that, as the Washington Examiner pointed out on Friday, it even aspires to cover those who can't meet the loose definition of resident. "Even if an individual is not covered under a broad definition of 'residency' by the secretary of HHS, the federal government can take steps 'to ensure that every person in the United States has access to health care.'"

On Fox News on Saturday, Peter Doocy reported on the Medicare for all proposal, and if you listen, you can actually hear money burning. Watch:

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