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Bette Midler blasts Ted Cruz as 'spineless' following Texas mass killing. Cruz has the perfect Christian response to her criticism.


Midler also took aim at Texas Rep. Matt Schaefer

Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Entertainer Bette Midler blasted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) as "spineless" following a deadly attack Saturday on residents of Odessa, Texas.

A 36-year-old suspect opened fire during a traffic stop in Midland, and then went on a rampage, shooting at people in the area, and killing at least seven people in Odessa in what appeared to be random attacks. The incident resulted in the injuries of nearly two dozen other people. Local authorities announced the suspect was killed in a police exchange of gunfire.

What was the exchange?

Cruz tweeted his condolences to those affected by the mass killing that took place over the weekend.

In a tweet, he wrote, "Heidi and I are heartbroken by this heinous attack, and we are lifting up in prayer all the victims, their families, and the entire Midland-Odessa community. We are thankful for the law enforcement officers who heroically risked their lives and acted swiftly to stop the shooter and save others. Their courage helped prevent even more senseless deaths, and we honor their tireless commitment to protecting us all."

A very angry Midler fired back that Cruz had taken "NO action in the Senate" to stop mass killings such as the one in the Odessa area.

"You and your broken heart," she wrote. "#FakeYou! You are spineless and utterly without morality or shame. Your words mean zero; you keep repeating the same sentiments and take NO action in the Senate, the Chamber where you could actually bring some change to America if you really cared."

Cruz responded in kind — with serious kindness.

"Bette, you're an amazing singer, but spewing hate & insults only contributes to the tragic division in our Nation," he wrote. "I've led the fight in the Senate to stop felons & those w/ serious mental illness from getting guns."

He also pointed to a piece of legislation that would have kept weapons out of the hands of people with severe mental illness. Democrats filibustered the legislation in 2013.

Anything else?

Cruz wasn't the only Texas lawmaker in Midler's sights.

She also took aim at Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-Texas), who tweeted a pointed response to the massacre on Saturday.

In response to the mass killing, Schaefer wrote, "What can we do? YES to praying for victims. YES to praying for protection. YES to praying that God would transform the hearts of people with evil intent. YES to fathers not leaving their wives and children. YES to discipline in the homes."

Midler responded by calling Schaefer an "idiot."

She wrote, "You, sir, are an idiot. You put guns above the people who elected you to keep them from getting killed. Guns don't vote. People do. And you, sir, are on the way out because you allow death to stalk your innocent, God-fearing constituents every single day."

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