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Bernie Sanders falls to third place in state polls as Liz Warren surges to challenge Biden


Biden still keeps the lead, but he'll face a new left-wing challenge

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has fallen to third place after Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) saw a surge in recent in state polling behind former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sanders and Warren had been vying for the progressive mantle to challenge the more establishment and moderate candidacy of Biden, but Warren appears to be overtaking Sanders.

On Wednesday, a poll in Nevada found Warren at 19 percent to Sanders at 13 percent.

On Thursday, Warren overtook Sanders in a poll of Iowa voters, with Warren at 16 percent and Sanders at 15 percent.

Warren also took a one percent lead above Sanders in a California poll released on Thursday.

However, both progressive candidates still fell short of Biden's lead, although his support has been weakening.

A Quinnipiac poll of a theoretical head-to-head contest between the top six Democratic contenders and Trump said that the president's support fell short of all six. Biden had the best showing, with a 13 percentage point advantage, while Biden came in second with a 9 point lead. Warren also beat out the president with a 7 point lead.

Supporters of Warren have complained that sexism and misogyny had kept Democratic voters from taking her candidacy seriously, while her critics have said she was too far to the left to win against President Donald Trump in 2020.

Here's the latest on the Democratic 2020 race:

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