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Joe Biden beats Bernie Sanders in Texas and wins enough in California to cap off Super Tuesday rout


Biden made a shocking turnaround to become the front-runner again

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Joe Biden added an exclamation point to his Super Tuesday rout in the Democratic primary campaign when the contest in Texas was called in his favor.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) was expected to take Texas, but the former vice president added the Lone Star State to his delegate haul early Wednesday morning. Exit polling showed that Biden won on the strength of overwhelming support in the African-American community.

Biden also appeared on track to reach the 15% threshold in California in order to prevent Sanders from winning all of the state's delegates.

"Biden is having about as good a night as it's possible to have imagined," responded MSNBC host Joy Reid.

Furthering Sanders' problems in California, billionaire Mike Bloomberg appeared to be heading toward reaching the threshold as well, which would reduce Sanders' delegate count from the state.

Earlier on Tuesday, Biden defeated Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) soundly in her own home state, despite not having a campaign presence or dedicating many resources to Massachusetts. Warren signaled Tuesday evening that she intended to stay in the race.

While the presidential nomination is not guaranteed for Biden, the sound victories on Super Tuesday put the possibility firmly within his grasp.

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