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Things get awkward when ABC host asks Biden voter what she likes about Biden — it takes 10 seconds for an answer

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ABC News anchor Martha Raddatz received an awkward 10-second silence when she recently asked one young liberal voter why she is excited to vote for President Joe Biden in 2024.

After Biden announced his re-election campaign last week, Raddatz traveled to Pennsylvania — Biden's home state, which was critical to his election victory in 2020 — to gauge voter sentiment about Biden's re-election campaign. And what Raddatz discovered is not good for Biden.

Temple University student Elaina Symes, for example, cast her 2020 ballot for Biden. But when asked if she is enthusiastic to support him again, Symes admitted, "Not particularly."

But even more telling was Symes' response when Raddatz asked her what she likes about Biden. It took Symes 10 seconds to come up with an answer. Finally, she said she is only excited about Biden's candidacy for one reason: "That he's not Trump."

Biden’s age at forefront of voter concerns in Pennsylvania l This Weekwww.youtube.com

According to Raddatz, younger voters repeatedly expressed "disappointment and frustration" about Biden's campaign. They said he is too old, not progressive enough, and has not really accomplished anything as president. Thus, as Raddatz explained, there is an "enthusiasm gap" for Biden's campaign.

"I feel so uninspired and disconnected from the work that he's been advancing that it's not something I'm really excited about," voter Soneyet Muhammad, who voted for Biden in 2020, told Raddatz.

The reactions are perhaps not surprising given what polls have been showing for months.

A new NBC News poll, for example, showed last week that an overwhelming 70% of Americans — including 51% of Democratic voters — don't want Biden to run for re-election. Donald Trump fared only slightly better in that poll; 60% of respondents said they didn't want him to run again, either.

Another poll released by CNN last month showed similar results. It found that 67% of American voters do not believe Biden deserves re-election.

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